DomainKing review: cheap and reliable web host compamy

DomainKing Review: Cheap and Reliable web hosting service



Are you looking for a site to buy domain names and hosting? Check out this DomainKing review: cheap and reliable web hosting service. In this review, you will get to know that it is relatively affordable, cheap, reliable and one of the best domain name registrar.


DomainKing is a popular Domain names registrar and web hosting services which offers hosting packages to businesses and personal websites. DomainKing services is fast, reliable and affordable, offering 99.9% uptime guarantee with amazing technical support. One of my domains is registered with this service and I say that their customer care service is fast and reliable. All the issues that I had in the past where sorted out almost immediately the support tickets was sent.


DomainKing Offers


Domain Names Registration with free email accounts, free DNS Panel, free domain forwarding and transfer and lots more. It could be a .com, .org,, .ng or .xyz as the case maybe.


Web Hosting for personal and business websites with reliable services.


WordPress Hosting on the super-fast SSD Servers for best performance, But with premium WordPress hosting, you get up to 2× times faster WordPress websites.


VPS Hosting for growing websites including WHM/panel, full support access and `Fully managed customer support.


DomainKing is a Global Domain Registrar with many Asian and African Registrars. It is owned by Hannu Internet Corp. Pvt. Ltd at 156 New Jawahar Najar, cool road, Jalander – 144001. India.


If you are a blogger, web designer or a webmaster, or you intend to open a website, then choosing DomainKing as your reliable web hosting company should not be challenging.


I use DomainKing a lot to set up domain names and WordPress hosting. You can also register a .com, or .org domain names at DomainKing. Guess what, they have very affordable pricing with 24/7 support up-time guarantee on all the hosting plans.


Simple and basic WordPress support, Softaculous one click installer App far all basic CMS Software like wordpress, joomla etc. using one click, panel, unlimited sub-domains and emails, fast loading servers and a free domain.


DomainKing.NG Review


DomainKing is Nigeria’s number one domain names registrar. It is accredited with over 16 Asian, African and Global domain registrar. With this level of accreditation, it is worth trying and investing.


DomainKing Domains








You get a free domain when you buy the soldier hosting plan.


Domainking Hosting Features


Free Domain: when you buy the soldier hosting plan, you get one free domain name.


Linux Platform: supports PHP, CCJ, Perl support on linux OS.


CMS and Ecommerce Features


Complete Email features


Other tools such as cPanel, File manager, DNS Manager, phpMyAdmin, and lot more.


How Reliable is DomainKing


DomainKing is one of the most reliable web hosting company in Nigeria. They offer good web hosting company in Nigeria. They offer good web customer and hosting services at a cheaper price. Technical support and 99.9% uptime is guaranteed on all hosting plans.


Payment Methods: Payment How to Pay


After purchasing domain names, hosting plans and other services on DomainKing, payment can be easily done via local payments such as Interswitch/Verve Cards, GT Bank deposit or transfer, Voguepay, Cash Envoy or Etranzact/Pocketmoni, Paypal, Payza and Webmoney.


Domainking hosting plan is right for any beginner or professional to start or run a business. Sign up here.

dkng web hosting offer - DomainKing Review: Cheap and Reliable web hosting service

Recommended;        Bluehost. Very cheap and reliable web host

Speedyconnect. Web host with unlimited features

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how to minimize spending

How to save Money and minimize your spending




Money habits will help you earn your first million dollars.Conventional wisdom dictates that to save money and minimize your spending habit; you need to squirrel away as much as possible while drastically reducing your spending, period. While there is some merits to that strategy, the smarter way to grow your wealth is to cultivate careful spending habits and simultaneously being a greater giver. What do you think? This sounds crazy? I don’t know about you, but it sounds like billions of dollars to me. Anyways, here are four spending habits to help you save your first million dollars.


  • Categorize your expenses and monitor your spending


One easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of your spending habits is to break down your expenses into categories. Garret Gunderson, CEO of wealth suggests a framework consisting of four expense categories: destructive, productive, protective and lifestyles.


Destructive expenses refer to “overdraft fees, using credit to consume, spending on vices, or product or services you don’t use or don’t add value to your life”. According to Gunderson, these are financial sinkholes that do not offer any benefit to you.


Productive expenses are those that will make you money, like hiring an ideal employee or being an early investor in a company or product that goes viral. These expenditures are also one that can improve your overall well being like education, nutritious food and fitness classes.


Protective expenses like health, life and auto insurance, are associated with preserving yourself and your family.


Lifestyles expenses are comprised of the fun things in life like vacation, the latest technology and new clothes.


By categorizing your expenses you will see how to cut destructive expenses, splurge on productive and protective expenses, and spend on conservatively on lifestyle expenses. If you make the right choice in setting limits on your spending, your productive expenses will pay for themselves and then some. Make sure to monitor your spending carefully and soon good habits will emerge.


  • Avoid emotional spending


We all have those days when we feel down in the dumps, and we rationalized that we will surely feel better after buying a new pairs of shoes and some gourmet chocolates. However, Kevin Leary Financial group urges, ‘don’t go shopping to change your mood. It might make you feel better in the short term, but I promise: the long term fulfillment of growing your money far out-weighs the temporary satisfaction of retail therapy”


Instead try to regulate your emotions by talking with friend and family, exercising, watching a documentary, or reading or for a more harm-reductionist approach, try planning small, regular outing for yourself using your lifestyle expense budgets. For example, plan to get a fancy massage at the spa or indulge in a lavish meal once a month instead of every time you feel stressed. Developing good coping strategies will eliminate bad spending habit and help you save money quickly.


  • Invest wisely


Neil McCarthy,a research chemist made his first million dollars solely by investing in the stock market in the 1990s. Paul Glandorf, a pipe fitter and construction worker, took investing seriously as a retiree and is now sitting on a huge pile of money.The lesson here is clear: know how the stock market works.


Finally, be consistent in your tithing and free will donation.This is the greatest secret to making wealth.


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