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A lot is going on in families nowadays. Parents are confused. Misunderstanding has led to the divorce that tore them apart.


Between 1990 and 2005, divorce rate in the United States have doubled. Children are left in the care of single parents.  Young people are allowed to face the challenges of life unguided and unaided.


The primary unit of the society, the family, has been infected with something awful. That infection can be prevented with these 10 solid secrets of successful families.


  1. Communication


Sometimes, certain children open up their mouth to talk when they are not around their parents, why? Genuine communications takes effect when both parent relate well and share things like stories, daily activities, advice and gifts with their children.


But, communication can be very challenging for teenagers.


Most teenagers see themselves as adults and look down on their parents when what they want to hear, watch and get is not available or not provided by their parent.


They desire free lifestyle and hate unnecessary rules and regulations at home.

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No matter a parent busy schedule, enough time should be created to communicate with kids and teenagers. It can be during meal time, or before going to bed.


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Your children need to feel that their opinions are important. Don’t overreact; even when your child’s thought is way off course.


  1. Values


Values include ethical standards. These are the standard by which a person chooses to live. People with matured minds can distinguish between right and wrong.


It is hard for children to choose or identify a right or wrong deed, when they don’t know what it is. If a child can learn how to respect, do house chores and be responsible, he or she would be seen as a wise child.

10 secrets of successful families

Members of a family should use words of affirmation what talking to each other and not destructive or abusive words. Words like: ‘thank you” and ‘sorry” should be commonly used in homes.


  1. Diligent


Learning to be, and being industrious can benefit you, and your family and friends, because life is filled with responsibilities. You get a sense of pride and inner satisfaction when you work hard and smart.


Life is simple and your industrious lifestyle will place you at an advantage over others and you will enjoy it. A man who cannot provide for his family is a lazy fellow.


Take pride in learning to do things well and appropriate. Do it faster and better. Improve on your work. Grow in it and develop better.


Do more than what you are required to do. See the bigger picture. Think about the people that will be blessed by your diligence. Go the extra mile.


  1. Forgiveness


To forgive means that you let go of any offense or feeling of resentment it may have caused. Forgiveness look pass a person’s imperfections and see the person he/she is trying or willing to become.


Unforgiveness can put an unnecessary strain on a relationship. Resentment can harden a person physically and emotionally.


Be quick to settle all family misunderstanding, and avoid unnecessary argument or fight. Instead of quickly reacting to an immediate wrong or misdemeanor of a person, think about it and offer forgiveness.


You may say, ‘no one is perfect’, but we’ve got to be perfect, to ensure success in our families. Families members that forgives freely lives happily.


  1. Discipline


His mean to correct a child’s misbehavior, teach or guide. Without proper discipline, a child or a person will behave like a rudderless ship which will eventually go off course.


A consistent discipline should be reasonable. While a child should be commended when a good deed is done, consequences should be fixed to check all misbehaviors. I believe that this is better accomplished if the parent’s primary motive is love.


Parents also need to enforce discipline on themselves, so as to uphold ethics and show the children the right way to follow.


Discipline should be cultivated when dealing with food, money, sleep, work, health, relationship and the opposite sex.


  1. Attitude


Parents who set examples need to live by what they teach. The common saying, “do as I say, and not as I do”, should be eschewed. 


Children and teenagers are influenced by what they see from their parents and their peer groups. Most children learn more from their parent’s lifestyles.  They pay attention to everything their parent does, even if the parent thinks they don’t.


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Children should learn how to respect their parents and other people. Good conduct and lifestyles should be embraced.


Parents should take good care of their children and watch after their social, moral, academic, health and emotional life, including the teenagers. They should not discourage their children or get them angry over unnecessary issues.


Hypocrisy should be avoided in family relationships. Pretending to be what you are not will solve no problem.


Family members should learn to say “I’m sorry”, when a wrong was executed, apologies freely to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Apologizing will go a long way to put issues in place. It is wrong to cover up a mistake.


Examine your standards. What type of movies do you watch? Who are your friends? How do you treat your spouse and children? And are you thoughtful, selfless or selfish?


  1. Honesty


Trustworthy and confident people earn the confidence of their family members, friends and work colleagues. There is nothing that will shatter other people’s trust in you than lies.


You can get more trust, when you are Open and honest about your weaknesses, mistakes and way of life. Learning to be dependable will benefit a person.


A child that is responsible and does the house chores without the parents pushing him to do, will earn more trust and likewise, a parent that is responsible with understanding heart will earn sincere and deeper trust from the children.


  1. Teamwork


When there is teamwork. There is no selfishness, husbands and wives must work together and must keep their children updated with news feeds and new commitments.


Minor issues can turn into major obstacles when the family members are not a team. i.e not united.


  1. Respect


To respect means to appreciate value and prevent anything that will cause damage to a family relationship.


Without respect, Communication can lead to unnecessary criticism, sarcasm and even contempt.  Respects bring happiness, even by actions.


  1. Missions


Missions are more than just dreams or goals. This involves planning, flexibility and diligence. Reaching and accomplishing a mission can boost your confidence and increase your happiness.


You’ve got to be confident when setting missions, or dreams or goals, and you need to be more confident when facing the day-to-day challenges. People enjoy being around those with accomplished missions.

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10 secrets of successful families
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10 secrets of successful families
The primary unit of the society, the family, has been infected with something awful. That infection can be prevented with these 10 solid secrets of successful families.
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