Buhari, Atiku, Nnamdi Kanu And Nigeria's doom
source – Wikipedia
Buhari, Atiku, Nnamdi Kanu And Nigeria's doom
source – Wikipedia







Prior to the fusion of the Northern and Southern protectorate to form Nigeria, the colonial masters were faced with severe opposition from the southeastern, Midwestern, South-south and southwestern regions. The Rulers in these geopolitical zones rejected the idea to merge every zone under one political entity called Nigeria. Buhari, Atiku, Nnamdi Kanu And Nigeria’s doom.

Buhari, Atiku, Nnamdi Kanu And Nigeria's doom
source- Wikipedia

After a prolong persuasion and the acceptance of gifts from the British masters, the Rulers gave in to their wish. But they didn’t know the terms and conditions involved in such a contract. They were all blind to that, except the northern elects.


Irrespective of how successful the British colonial masters had been, there were some southern elders who rejected the merging.


The British colonial masters went ahead and joined the Northern and Southern Protectorate. Majority of the land mass was in the northern region. The political power and authority was given to the northern Chieftains. This was aimed at suppressing the people in the southern regions.


The northern elders and chieftains were highly respected by the British masters and more political leaders were appointed from the north, with fewer appointments from the southeastern, South-south, Midwestern and southwest people. Only a few southern leaders were recognized in the political system of Nigeria.


The British Masters made the northerners to see the Southerners as slaves, therefore more basic amenities of life was constructed in more northern States than in the southern States.

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When Nigeria got her independence and became a Republic in the 1960s, and with the recent discovery of crude oil, corruption took over the control of resources in the nation’s economy. The situation worsen over time, as the political leaders that emerged, focused more on themselves and their families instead of the masses who prayed, wished or voted for them.



The subsequent military coups that bedeviled the political arena led to a counterattack by the predominant Muslim north who saw the Igbo people as unbelievers to their religious faith and as the propagators that caused the death of their top respected northern leaders. The aftermath, was a civil war that killed millions of people.


Ojukwu’s declaration of Biafra and Gowon’s war declaration on the Igbos quenched many lives. It was a communal genocide. Millions of the Igbo race died either through gunshots, bomb blast or hunger.


That was Nigeria’s most darkest times. Civil war.


Many years after the civil war ended, the southerners were neglected in the political system of the nation. The northern leaders dominated every sector of the political arena. Political offices, scholarships, higher institution admission, military training and certain societal privileges were denied to the Christians in Nigeria.


The Yoruba and Igbo people were castigated and considered as nobody. Many minority tribes in the north who were predominantly Christians were also neglected. Fanatical muslins saw these Christians as unbelievers and they went from home to home, village to village, and from one state to another killing and maiming thousands of Christians especially in most northern states. That was awful.


Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential tenure brought a lot of smiles to millions of Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, but he was faced with the strongest political opposition ever recorded in Nigeria’s political history, because he was a Christian. He extended his goodwill agenda to northerners, some accepted but majority of them rejected and castigated his offers because he was a southern Christian.

Nigeria and her people

Since 1914, northerners and Southerner have never been united as a single entity under one umbrella called Nigeria. We see and hear about tribal clashes, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, religious wars, killing of innocent people and tribal prejudice. A lot of northerners live in southern states, while many southerners earn their living in northern states, but often problems do arise and the main culprit is tribal and religious differences.


Different tribes and nations living under one umbrella called Nigeria, with different religion, perception, languages, belief, culture and lifestyles was a planned agenda orchestrated by the British colonial masters. The colonial masters joined every tribe “as one” under northern Islamic leadership and got the benefits. Most religious people will say it was God’s will, of which I am not going to dispute.


A lot of advertisements have been placed to encourage unity among Nigerians. Hitherto, a lot of religious leaders and political rulers have preached lots of sermons to do otherwise.


The only solution is peaceful dialogue on restructuring Nigeria out of the Sokoto caliphate.


Late Ojukwu, the military head of the deformed southeastern region declared the Republic of Biafra in response to the untold number of death of his people in northern Nigeria. According to historical research, a military coup was led by Ironsi, the resultant retaliation by the northern elders and the youths, the forceful declaration of Yakubu Gowon as Head of state and the negligence of the Igbo people Prompted Ojukwu to declare the sovereign state of Biafra.



The Igbos who were killed in the north, the soldiers that died before and during the civil war, those that died of hunger, and the action of foreign countries who supported the Nigeria government against the Igbos(including Britain), resulted in the death of over three million people.



Gowon’s selfish interest and Ojukwu’s self-centered wishes plunged Nigeria into a four years civil war.




When you see two people quarreling or fighting, both of them have problems. If Mr. A refuses to accept his mistakes and Mr. B denies his wrongdoings, the resultant velocity is quarrelings, hatred and fighting.



Assuming that both parties admitted their wrong deeds and solve their problems through peaceful dialogue, there wouldn’t have been any bloodshed in the streets of Nigeria.



This is the present condition of Nigeria


Although I am not a supporter of any party


  • The northerners see the southerners as fools and monkeys, while the southerners see the northerners as fools and monkeys
  • The Southerners see the northerners as unbelievers, while the northerners see the southerners as sinners
  • The northerners see the southerners as most corrupt and lazy, while the southerners see the northerners as most corrupt and wicked animals.


These problems and lot more were compounded when Goodluck became President and subsequently Buhari.


In other to cause more change, Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu started various political and awareness campaigns, at different times and seasons to ignite the spirit of Biafra among the Southerners. The northerners followed, demanding all Igbo people should leave the north before 1st October, 2017.


That was awful


If the northerners don’t like the southerners, and the southerners don’t like the northerners, these issue should be addressed amicable and peacefully. That is, restructuring the political system of Nigeria.


Believe it or not, all those top regional leaders who are agitating for a sovereign state in Hausa land, Igbo land or Yoroba land have ulterior motives. They will push the youth into bloodshed and untimely death.


Buhari, Atiku, Nnamdi Kanu And Nigeria’s doom


Be warned. I tell you the truth. Ojukwu and Gowon once did it.


Ojukwu, Awolowo and Gowon’s actions led to the death of millions of people and I’m persuaded that such barbaric action will repeat itself if these bedeviling issues are not well restructured.


The idea of the southerners to leave the northern part of Nigeria, or the northerners to leave the southern part of Nigeria is not a good idea. It’s devilish.


There are great and prosperous businesses owned by northerners in Southern Nigeria. Are you saying they should leave their hard-earned-wealth to places they don’t like? Even in northern Nigeria, many Southerners have made a living for themselves and employed northern youths, if they go, these northerners will be jobless and these may provoke another calamity in the states, especially among the unemployed youths, because they will take arms to fight again.


Nnamdi Kanu is not Jesus Christ, and everyone who is praising or worshiping him is doing it at his own risks. His intentions together with most northern elders is bloodshed (although they will not say this to you). The northern youths are barbaric individuals with bloodstained hearts and hands.


It is clear that Atiku won the recent Presidential election but “evil” will not let him take his rightful position. Let’s watch.

None of them have good motives, so don’t be deceived.


Nigeria will be dashed into pieces if care is not taken.


“Let the will of God be done”, but you need to pray and act like a reasonable person.


Don’t just say that, pray, speak out and do something, to prevent any more death.


What is currently destroying the STRUCTURE of Nigeria is

  • Indiscipline
  • Difference in religion, and
  • Corruption

What can we do to stop all these agents of destruction in this country? Drop your comments using the box below.

Buhari re-election will bring doom to nigeria…

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