Dealing With Your Greatest Fear

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Fear is condition that affects every living organism. Children, young adults, elderly people and even the animals do often have experiences that are characterized by fear. Dealing with your greatest fear is a timely article.


Little children are often afraid of dark places, unseen monsters, unfriendly persons and unknown individuals. Young adults are sometimes afraid of failure, disappointments, unseen beings, unforeseen events, delayed miracle, death, and unknown promise of security, threats, lack, prolonged illness and unfriendly friends. Most elderly people are afraid of being sick, death of a loved one, bad news, loneliness and disappointment.


Religious leaders who believed in “life after death” experience have inculcated into the subconscious mind of their numerous followers the existence of hell fire. This teaching has in no small measure affected the lifestyles of the people, as their mode of behavior is now geared toward the reverence of a supreme being, popularly called Almighty God.


It’s really amazing if I tell you that what most people are afraid of does not exist.This is the reason why this post “dealing with your greatest fear” is timely.


Fear is the bad feeling that takes away the peace of mind of a person, especially in the event of danger. Fear also arrives when you feel that something bad may happen. Fear always show itself when a person is frightened.


Fear is a mental condition that subjects the body and soul of a person to bondage. It affects body metabolism. It hinders productive thinking and causes emotional imbalance. Fear exposes an individual to hallucination.


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Possible means of dealing with fear


  1. Determination

You just have to convince yourself that you can make it. Drop your pessimism when faced with threatening life challenges in this school of life.


  1. History

Check out historical write-ups of men and women who were faced with serious challenges and how they succeeded without giving fear a place.

  1. Get in touch with friends

Share your experiences with your trusted friend. Discuss your moments of fear with them and have fun sorting the issues out.


  1. Read more books

Books are one out of the tools of life that affects every human on planet earth. One of the habits that have affected my life is the habit of reading books. Inspirational books have the efficacy to suppress fear when read properly with understanding. Get one book today. Read more books. Such habit of reading will expose you to the experience of great people and deep insights on motivation would be elaborated.


  1. Manage Stress

Eat well. Sleep adequately. Play games. Visit friends. Have fun. Go on vacation. Take good care of your body. Let go bitterness and anger. Be anxious for nothing. Learn to be positive in everything even when pain set in. Control your thinking faculty. Avoid strenuous jobs.  Exercise your body on weekly basis. Manage stress regularly.


  1. Seek for a Mentor or Counselor

Many people want to live a productive life but prefer to stay without an adviser.  Great successes are also being attributed to the Father of the game. Humble yourself under a trusted adviser, preferably an elderly person. Share your worries and fears with him/her. Depending on the circumstance, in a short time you will subdue all fears.


  1. Dream big dreams

Draw a big picture of what you need and pursue after it. Go into it, think on and in it and work it out. If you are thinking of failure, that means you have not tried anything meaningful. Don’t be as those fellows who swallow the failure when the success is yet to come.


  1. Get spiritual

Consult your spiritual leader or your pastor. Pay allegiance to God. Ask questions. God knows everything about you and there is nothing that He cannot do. Pray. Fast. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Study and meditate on the Holy Scriptures. Seek God’s intervention. Real miracles are encountered when God is involved. Sooner your fear will be history and other people will learn from your success.


  1. Testimony

Share your success story with other people. You might help someone who is suffering in the same problem. It will encourage them. If people don’t learn anything from you, it means that you are not original; that is you are not offering anything new.


In conclusion, fear removes the bulletproof of your life and exposes yon to any straying bullets. Yes you can overcome fear.

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Let hear from you now. Do you know any other means of dealing with your greatest fear? Please feel free to comment.


Dickson Pentecost

P. Dickson is Inspired to inspire others with the good things of life. He wants to see people enjoy life, manage stress, prosper, stay healthy, be good, stay motivated, make money and live a life of impact.

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