Deep truth that wrecks the soul is a real life application that conveys the foundation of a productive physical and spiritual life. It’s all about lifestyle, and based on spiritual and physical analysis and evidence.


This free eBook was written from personal experience and the experiences of the persons around the Author. It is a timely knowledge, which will expose the reader to great principles on how to be productive, and live a life of “shout out”.


It is a free info on life’s contemporary issues, including spiritual and physical links and backup.


Some Islamic Cleric claimed that the Holy Bible is corrupt. How true is that?  We are going to prove that saying and see its authenticity. References will be taken from both the Bible and the Quran. Let’s go…


I believe that you have heard about the Camel’s hump. So, in this book, we will see the usefulness or disadvantages of having a hump like that of a camel. You don’t have to ignore this free download.


Get to know the side effects of breaking a covenant. Can it be good or evil? What are the various types of covenant? Should a person keep a covenant or break it at will? Hmmm! Deep secret about covenant, don’t miss it.


What is that thing in life that you value most precious? Some will say, my spouse, others may say, my assets. What is precious? Let’s dive into what is most precious, spiritually and physically. Download now.


I have a choice, so do you, but what is God saying about the choices you make? The Spirit of God does not compel us to do a thing, but He makes us willing to do it.  But, when it comes to making a decision or a choice, what should we do? Thought puzzle, what next?


Sometimes, you wish a do a thing but get a wondering mind interfering with what’s going on. This can be frustrating and annoying. Learn how to avoid distractions when doing God’s work.

Fix Your Marriage


Is your faith fixed to a belief, a deity, fair living or money? Why do people put their faith on doctors? Let’s see carefree faith.


Certain people get into leadership positions and start behaving otherwise, others gets criticized over issues they don’t know and can’t explain. What can we do to handle leadership misdemeanors? Get this for free.


How can you discern an unfriendly friend? Although, they look difficult to discover, but what should be done to know whether he or she, that looks friendly is in reality unfriendly.


Download now. It’s 100% free and spiritual. Every physical event has a spiritual explanation.


Hmmm! Let prove that…PentaMeLoud




Deep truth that wrecks the soul