Heroes, Inventors and Scientist of the world, are leaders with influence, people with charisma, knowledgeable and affluent. They are different from others in the sense that a name was created for their work. They laid legacy in their field of study.


Their discoveries have brought light to planet earth. The scientific works and adventures they undertook were typically risky but some succeeded, while others failed.


Learn from their successes and avoid their failures. This eBook contain a brief history of these notable people, their activities, including their achievements and failures, purposely detailed briefly for motivation and learning.


I think this eBook is very long, so get a cup of coffee while you read through.


Starting something new can be very challenging and sometimes time consuming. These individuals went through a lot to put things in place and make a name, and living for themselves.  They succeeded by creating something everyone termed in their days as s”something new”.


Most of them had a humble beginning. in fact, their discoveries opened doors to a better world of technological and scientific advancement. till today, their research, activities and adventures have aided in mass literacy.


This eBook is not what you think it is, it is not like those other books and it is suitable for your device, so download now


Heroes, Inventors and Scientist of the world