Martin Luther laid down a belief system that was initially neglected by the Catholic Church. He noticed that the Government was interfering with church activities and those Biblical lifestyles and standards were replaced with man-made doctrines.


He was not happy with the method of worship and religious activities organized by the Pope and his supporters. His claims were centered on the fact that those activities and sayings of the Pope have no Biblical backup.


He was criticized and persecuted for his firm belief in the written Holy Scriptures. whenever he was called to defend his claims, his defense was purely with biblical references. he never cared if anything happened, all that matters to him was the truth being preached openly with no heresies.


luckily, he made several disciples and supporters, he wrote some books to upheld Biblical teachings and suppress the heretic teachings and lifestyles of the Pope and those governing the early church age.


He had a strong belief on every believer becoming a Priest than relying on a church Priest for daily sacrifices and worship.


Martin Luther was a firm believer in Christ. although, he faced serious pains, but his actions led to the division of the church into Catholics, Protestants and others. His persecutors could not stop his voice  and action, although they threatened to kill him, but they did not succeed.


His enemies rejoiced at his death, but his legacy and mission still speak today and have influenced every christian that reads.


He wrote down 95 theses and pasted it on the church door post…download to know more. There is something new here for you.


martin Luther; hidden truth you need to know