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He says I love you; what next?

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Are you having any difficulty saying, “I love you”, or she says, “I love you more”, and you don’t know what to say or do. Even if you think you know what to do next, this article will expose and lead you to deep truths that about love, intimacy and love at first sight.


I believe that you know about love relationships and have experienced it, but read till the end and comment. Theirs is something special about the article for you and your friends, and also for knowledge.


If you truly love your friend, confess it to her or him.  Talk to her when the time feels right. Do this, even when the condition around is not favorable.  What if she says, “I love you”? or he says, “I love you more”?. What should I do?

How do you say I love you?


Have you noticed any body language from him or her? Does your friend do things that make you happy, smile, place you as priority in their life or wink at you?


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There will always be signs of an attraction between two persons or a love affair.   Even if he does not say it, it will be conveyed at the right time.  It should not come too soon into a relationship.


  1. Do certain things with your partner for no reason.


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Acts of kindness, see her off, hold his hand, walk with her, sense of touch, buy flowers, help with house chores, prepare special meals, take her out on a date, open doors for her, and tell him/her how great he/she looks.


This and many more will go a very long way in bonding the both of you in the sea of deep love.


  1. Coded messages


Good morning messages, how was your day messages, phone calls, good night messages, motivational and inspirational messages, funny messages, romantic messages, good will messages, love messages,” I love being with you” messages, health talks and many more lively messages will stir up interest from your friend for what you’ve got.


  1. Listening ear


Quality time in a relationship is essential for its smoothness. I experience daily challenges and need someone to talk to at the end of the day, so is your friend.


Your successes, failures, areas of improvement, and other issues may be communicated, but you need to give her or him enough quality time, no hurry in life. You are not from Russia, so stop rushing things up.


  1. Sense of touch


As in hugs and kisses. Don’t hurriedly hug her and let lose. Take some seconds and enjoy the contact. Good night hug and kiss work wonders. Don’t wait to say, “I love you” or “how do you feel”, a gentle touch on the hand should feel better.

  1. Maintain a good eye-to-eye contact


Stay confidently, face to face with him when he is talking, or with her. “I love being with you messages”, can be communicated when you both sit together looking at each other than through phone calls  and text messages.


Don’t rush into saying, “everyday I love you”, until you both are lose in the atmosphere of love and fun.


  1. Word of affirmation


Compliment your friend as often as possible. “You are looking good”, “I like your dress code”, “you are awesome”, and many more. You can also commend a good work done or project accomplished.


“But I love you messages”, can be easily with the words you speak.


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How to approach your crush?


You may be having feeling of “best I love you”, “I heart you” or “I love being with you”, for someone, but don’t k now how to approach and talk to the guy or girl.


  1. Build confidence


Even if you think that you are not the good looking guy, convince yourself that it’s not a big deal to woo a girl. Before you know what’s up, you are gone into talks about the latest movies, football, childhood experience, hobbies and lot more.


Going to parties aren’t a good place to meet a girl, because most girls there were brought in by a guy. Make day time connections with a girl before going anywhere and this requires confidence.


When talking casually, you can say, “would you like to drink coffee with me sometime?”, or “what about we going out on Friday?” This will take time to build a little closeness with some girls.


  1. Eye contact


Your flavor of love can be noticed by your sense of eye contact. The eye adds beauty to a person’s body.  Look passionately at him or her, with this, you will know whether he is smiling or she is shy.


  1. Body language

Smiles, touch, helping with one’s work, winks and staying closer and the sense of touch speaks volumes of “best I love you”.


  1. Pay attention when they talk

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Get to know her. Get to know him better. Be real and original. There is no need pretending because it sucks. Be natural. Never be desperate or nervous. Maintain your self respect and self esteem. Dress good.


How to ask girl out?


Prepare yourself for this. It is as easy as you think, but you’ve got to be original and also technical. Even if you’ve done it over and over again, there are still better methods to ask a girl out


The mindset of “every day I love you”, can be expressed deeply when you two love birds are out on a date.


Sit down and draft how you want the date to look like, especially after she had say YES to your offer. Plan how you want events to fold from the time of crush, to asking out and then the date  and relationship proper. Define what you want.


Plan where to go. A party arena is not a good option for a date. The environment should have little or no noise.


Be confident, ladies don’t like guys that are shy or have self esteem problems. If you are a guy with good qualities and you believe this, go in confidently, but if you think you are looking good, go in with shyness and get a lot of trash at the end of the day.


Meet the lady and discuss your plan.  Don’t beat around the bush. Avoid arrogance when talking to her. Go straight to the point. Be jovial. No too serious look. Smile and look straight into her eyes. Don’t use the phone to call, meet her in person.


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Give her the opportunity to decide. It can be a YES or NO, or she had plans for that day. Ask a clear question to receive a clear answer.


Ask interesting questions. Ask funny questions. Don’t instantly ask for her phone contact number or home address. Most girls will say NO, and even if she gives you her number, it will be the fake one. This should be the last thing on your plan.


Talk to her and be engaging and nice before asking for her contact phone number or home address.


Don’t go with the fear that you will get a NO. Smile, make good eye contact, and be sincere to her.


It is important that you know her relationship status before asking her out or going out with her. Is she married, divorced or widowed?


Check her body language. Pay attention to how she reacts to your first time coming or visit. Is she frowning? Is she looking away? Is her arms crossed? Is she concentrating on you? or is she listening to music or reading a book?  This could mean you should stay or go away. Check if she returns your smile.


If she’s not interested, leave her alone. If she is interested or attracted to you, you will know by her response. Start the conversation when she is interested.

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Be yourself and be respectful. Different girls have different taste of guys.


How long does it takes to fall in love?


There is no definite length of time for both male and females. It may take minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years, talk less of a decade, age of love.


There is immature love, mature love, selfish love and agape love. Whatever the case, it may last or not last long. It depends on the both of them and what they want in the relationship that is what they both define the relationship as.


Love means different things for different people. It could be lust or infatuation and such does not last.


A genuine love is expected to last forever, because it is unconditional.


 How does falling in love feel like?


Another word for love you-awesome, because I love you, that is why I feel better. I love being with you. As much as I love you, I feel relaxed and happy.


Well, it is rare to see a person who had not fallen in love at one point of the person’s life. Go ask them how it feels to fall in love; you will get responses like, “feels good”, “fun”, “happy” and “great”.


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Love at first sight can be overwhelming and exciting. Falling in love sounds terrific, and fun. It is joyous and great. It’s beautiful. It is blissful.


It is often fun to hear someone say “I love you”, or to repeatedly say “but I love you”.


You can’t get him out of your mind. Day dreams are like nightmares. She gives you a nick name. Is like, she is everywhere you go. You can hear his voice even when he is not around. You are happier than before.


When you meet her, she grabs you so tight that you never want to ever get away from that sensational feel of best I love you. She holds your confidence. She builds your confidence. She waits for you all day. He waits for you all day. He patiently waits for you to come online for a chat.


You no more feel alone. He fights with and for you. She kisses you. You no longer feel afraid of anything. Since the first time, you made eye contact with him, it has been amazing, and love is an amazing feeling.

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What does it mean to fall in love with someone?


It just happens and you are aware of it. You are conscious of everything that unfolds.  It is like singing, “but I love you song”.


Sometimes in an attempt to get the person you love, you end up losing yourself. People fall into love and rise up almost as immediately as they get in without minding the consequences.


To fall in love means to feel relaxed, welcomed or the feeling you get when you need someone close.


You see her imperfections and flaws beautiful; you get jealous when a girl or guy is around him/her. You both discuss everything. You feel like the relationship will last forever.


You find reasons to meet him. You wait for her to come online for a chat, save her picture on your phone. His picture is your most prized possession.


Why do we fall in love?


Love is more than just a feeling. Love can make a person do certain crazy things.  Love can compel a person to do what is needful


There are many reasons, ranging from sex, need for a relationship, to achieve a thing or feel welcomed in a community or a society.


People fall in love because they want to improve themselves in a particular way.


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They need children, some need children. Some want to build a family away from home. Some are bored about life. Others need someone to make them happy. Many are discouraged by what they are experiencing, so they look for help from love.


Insecurities can induce falling in love with a person that provides the security. Love is an unconditional acceptance of someone. No conditions, expectations or complications in love.


There are many factors that warrants why we fall in love with each other. If you know any, drop your comments below this post.


What is the difference between the following?


Falling in love

Crazy in love

In love with someone

Loving someone

Love and,

Unconditional love?


Falling in love starts with attraction, sometime people see infatuation as love and as love as lust, which is no truth. Love has various kinds and it is in stages.


Falling in love has to do with appreciating who a person is. I need you to answer these questions: Can I love?

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In summary, when he says I love you, but I love you, you more, you now know what to


There is love in sharing. Share this post for your friend to know more. Drop your comments below to express your views or opinion about this post.


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