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Is it possible to live with no stress in the present world? That is a rhetorical question anyway. Whether you are a student, an employer or employee, whatever is your profession, we all experience both negative and positive stress, although not all stress is bad. How to cope with lifestyle stress: how can a person cope with lifestyle stress?


It is almost impossible to cut stress because it is as common as the air we breathe.


Stress is the conflict from the external environment leading to emotional and physical pressure. Positive stress can push a person to greater efficiency while negative stress can result in mental and physical strain.


This knowledge will help you find when you need medical help or to take a break from work.


How do you find when you are undergoing stress? What causes stress? The thing that causes stress is called a stressors.  It can be performance stressors, threat stressors or bereavement stressors; these are common lifestyle stressors.


Performance stressors occurs when a person sees the need to succeed in all endeavors. Threat stressors occurs when a dangerous threat, such as accident occurs, bereavement stressors occurs when someone or something precious is lost.


This emotional pressure caused by human beings has it causes and effects.


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Causes of stress


Life is very simple, but a lot of things complicate it. Human beings have a lot needs and wants and the want to get a thing can put a person into stressful condition.


Experiences in this life are categorized under “high and low moments”. Life itself passes through “think and thin” situations. Change is constant. Changes are inevitable and each change comes with stressors.


The death of a loved one, having kids, marriages, studying to succeed in school, relationship problems, business issues and retirement creates an atmosphere of stress for an individual.


Individuals that go on break from work or vacation from school do experience certain degrees of stress with friends, family, social networks, health and the community.


Sexual difficulties, financial status and personal achievements at home and at work can trigger stress.


Holidays, physical illness, change of environment, violent attack, loans, divorce, and major and minor lifestyle changes can ginger stress.


Stress revolves around the thought life of an individual. Over a hundred times a day, the thinking faculty of an individual is busy moving from what to eat, where to go, what to do, to responses to external stimuli such as; argument, extra work hours, worry, difficult Boss at work, unfavorable weather, financial issues and relationship problems.

How to cope with lifestyle stress

Stress comes from your physical believe system, i.e. what you want and how you want to do it or get it; and this causes emotional and mental imbalance.


Sometimes you can be stress up thinking about what people say about you.


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How does stress affect the body?


It depends on the intensity and duration of the stress. It also depends on how the person responds to it. A positive mindset on stress will bring a positive result but a negative mind about stress will bring negative results.


Stress causes a range of biological changes in the body which can be harmful.


It causes memory impairment; deteriorate cardiovascular, worry, anxiety and so on.



The body responds to stress by releasing hormones which increases heartbeats and breathing rates.


One useful advantage about stress is that it makes a person to respond to or cope with tough situations.


Stress can induce emotional eating, less sleep and, lack of concentration on something and these negatively affects body metabolism.


The responds to stress from the body weakens the immune system of the body and slows down the healing of wounds.


It also causes anxiety, heart diseases, digestive problems and unnecessary weight gain.


How to cope with relationship stress


Being in a relationship is certainly stressful. When a question about relationship matters is being asked, it’s because there is a problem seeking solution. People who are happy with their relationship would rather keep quiet.


All relationships have a measure of stress attached to it, but usually not something major. Some couple does what I called “trial and error” before they see themselves compatible, others would avoid talking about any stressful issue, but still some get use to the stress.


Most young people are afraid of breakup. But if that happens, it is usually hard to believe on the receiving end. Such a situation can keep an individual in perpetual emotional breakdown.

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Most relationship issues circumvents around money. A guy will feel less-confident and inadequate when he is broke in his relationship.


You can be stress up when she is not picking your calls, he does not care about you, he refused to reply your messages, and she turned down your dates and so on.


In order to cope with relationship stress, you need a proper understanding of who he/she is? What he likes? What she does not like? His lifestyles, her character: and it works well around a good understanding.


How to cope with family stress


Getting married and growing a family is another stressful venture. The man becomes responsible to his wife and children. The level of stress increases with the birth of a new baby.

How to solve lifestyle stress

Family stress revolves around lack of communication and finance. When ego sets in with no listening ears from everyone, stress take over the center stage of the family.


Family stress is inevitable. Every member of the family should talk about their daily struggle and challenges with each other and look for ways to make thing better.


When you are stressed about your family, it means that you care about your family. You should concentrate on solving all family related problems as a team and don’t die in silence Alone.


With determination, patience, courage and smart work, that stress can be put in check.


Love, word of affirmation, hugs and kisses, understanding heart, listening ear, finance and a change of attitude will help fix family stress.


How to cope with stress at work


Work stress is normal and inevitable. It is like a common thing in the day-to-day work lifestyle. You will hardly see a work place without some measure of stress.


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The feeling that work cannot end, the want to be financially free and the mindset to have a comfortable work life leads to stress.


To fix workplace stress, an individual needs adequate rest or sleep, eat well and exercise regularly.


Restriction should be made to control all your activities, such as no call after 9PM, no interruption to my daily routine life and “do not bother me lifestyles”.


Create a to-do-list. Avoid worry and write things i.e. write down what is next to being done.


Try going to work early. Keep your work place neat and listen to music when feeling bore. Music is like food for the soul. It refreshes the soul.


Don’t work all the time, go on breaks, and avoid unnecessary things that suck energy. Keep a smiling face always and be smart.


Focus on a task that brings immediate results. Reduce time spent on meeting and avoid tasks that consumes a lot of time.


Reorganize your work schedules to something lively and cut boring schedules. Don’t think too much.


How to cope with school stress?


Stress in school can be minimized by getting involved in tons of activities around the school premises, including a part-time jobs, meet new friends, listen to music while you study and enjoy nature.


Don’t worry about expectations. Create a time-table for your study. Read and play. Be jovial and funny. Don’t get too serious always.


Go to a party. Take someone out on a date. Attend religious and socially gatherings. Eat well, rest adequately and think naturally.


Do the right thing at the right time. Prepare for exams long before the exams starts. Relax your mood when taking decisions.


In conclusion, stress is common in our daily lifestyles, you can’t eliminate stress, but you can decrease it. How to cope with lifestyle stress.

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