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How to pass examination without tricks

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How to pass an examination this is a question that some newbie’s are asking. Love it or hate it, its difficult to avoid examinations when seeking for promotions in your desired field of career. How to pass exams, practical study tips, revision techniques and last minutes reviews.


Preparing for an exam effectively comes fro studying smarter, not just harder.  The higher you get, the tougher it may seem, that is why it’s recommended not to rely on hard work but on smart study.


These are the steps on how to be successful before, during and after an examination:


  1. Avoid distractions

Go ahead, devote your attention to the exam preparation and keep distractions away as far as possible. Keep aside your social networking sites, video games, movies, mobile apps, and any other thing with the tendency to distract.


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  1. Set a target

Be determined and realistic as you as you plan to study for an examination. Everything needed should be outlined with a pen and paper. Ask yourself questions like, “can I complete this task in just three hours?” Take everything you need. Make sure you know where you are going and what you are doing. Avoid a noisy environment.

  1. Understand the marking scheme

This cannot be over emphasized. Treat past questions. Questions are often set in the same structure every year. Solving past questions will boost your confidence in the examination hall. Understand each question before answering. Do not get too familiar with a question. Treat every question as if you haven’t seen it.


Be specific and straight to the point in answering any question. Follow the instructions before and when answering any question. Do yourself a favor and stick to the rules of the exams. Do not annoy the examiner or invigilator. Write legibly and obey the rules like, “do not write on the margin”, and the likes.


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  1. Use reading aids

Attempt regurgitating everything, than concentrating on the main points. Use pictures and diagrams in places you want to rely on. Take notes as you read. The need for a pen and a paper during reading is a “must do”, it cannot be over emphasized.


Taking notes makes remembrance very easy. Sometime, in an examination progress, you may probably forget your lectures, but remembering what you jotted down in your notebook won’t be difficult.


  1. Believe in what you can do

Believe in yourself. Be proud of what you can do on your own. Be confident that you will succeed. This kind of faith will put everything you want in your hands.


You can do anything you believe in. with the right attitude and mindset, you will never doubt the success of your examinations. While reading, focus on what you don’t know and believe in what you can do.


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  1. Group up with your companions

This is one of the best ways to study effectively before an examination. This is obviously the best opportunity to compare lesson notes and solve problems as a group. Sometimes, what you think is right or wrong can be proved otherwise when you guys read together.


The group members can equally share useful tips on how to pass examinations successfully. You all need to meet, so as to formulate problems and give solutions to the problems in that course of study. There is a likelihood, in an exam, that what you will remember would be what you got from your group reading platform.


  1. Adequate preparation

Give plenty of time before getting to the examination arena. Get to the exam venue with some minutes to spare. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t revise your notebooks as you are walking into the examination hall.


Wasting time on less important points is pointless as you are walking in to the examination centre, especially when you are against the clock. Focus your attention on the bigger picture of success. Do away with worry and any iota of anxiety.

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Don’t panic. Think straight and look straight. No matter how easy an examination may seem, prepare adequately for it. Ask questions when in doubt. Plan your revision wisely. Be honest with yourself.


In conclusion, these are the preferred methods on how to be successful in an examination, without mush stress, practical study tips, revision techniques and last minutes reviews.



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