How to be Irresistible in your love life

how to be irresistible in your love life


This article is special to you alone. Without mincing words, being irresistible in a relationship is something that everyone desires. Having and enjoying a fulfilled loved life is the dream of everyone. Seeing the desire materialized into a long lasting relationship is the yearning of most people. So now let’s check into how to be irresistible in your love life effectively.


Most people get into a relationship at a very young age. They get out of it almost as immediately as they step in when their desires are accomplished or when love has gone sour. The desire for sex replaces true love and when it’s done, the relationship ends woefully

Most girls need someone who is caring, whereas most guys want sex. Irrespective of the fact that every person have his/her own wish in a relationship, most times unnecessary issues crept in and worsens the situation thereby leading to acute separation.


One of my friends once made a statement and I quote,


“I don’t want to endure my marriage, I want to enjoy it”.


This post is not restricted to marriage union only but it’s important to note here that if a young girl or a lady endures her relationship or marriage union instead of enjoying it, the resulting case will be that of destruction mentally, emotionally, and socially. Her lifestyle becomes unusual because of the deep desire for true love which is lacking. This may compel her into doing certain regrettable things.


There are a lot of virtues that can make you irresistible in your love life. People are attracted to you by what they see. He enjoys companionship with you but do not stay long with you. He quickly breaks the bond with you without thinking about the effects. The poor lady is left alone to wonder why this is happening to her. Broken relationships experiences have piled itself up in the mind of such a lady. Family and friends may suggest special means to bring him back, but still he insists that it’s over.


We sometimes pay less attention on the person who loves us and more attention on the person who cares little. This is funny but it’s the case with most amateur relationships in high schools and higher institutions of learning. Sweet words and wealth drives a lady into a man’s life but that does not guarantee the fun in the relationship. So this calls for adequate caution when making decision on whom to date or marry. There are a lot of unfriendly friends in this open world.


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Love is kind. Love is not blind. Love is not lust. Love is not infatuation. Love answers everything. There is no fear in love. It is not proud. It does not envy. It does not get angry. It does not think evil toward her lover. Love cheers up. It believes. It has hope in everything. Love rejoices in what is good. Love never fails.


Love understands everything and everyone. Love tolerates easily. It bears one another burdens. It is courageous. It powers up the love languages. Love cares. It’s beautiful.


In other to be irresistible in your relationship you need to work on your thoughts. The thinking faculty of a girl affects her lifestyles. What you think is what you will do. Whenever your pessimism is subjected under your optimism, you then become irresistible. Details soon.


Love languages have a special means of keeping two people together. Body languages when properly applied have unique features that unit a man with a woman. Both are needed to ensure that oneness is not broken. Love and body languages should not be misapplied.


In this journey of life we need people around us to help in times of need, carry our heavy burdens, encourage us, guide our paths and be there for us. A tree cannot make a forest. It needs other giant trees to fulfill the dream. Life is short to ignore friends that come your way and what will qualify you to be irresistible in your relationship are virtues.


The journey of life carries hurdles. It’s thick and thin through hot and cold moments. Even the rich do cry because pain is a universal problem. You need someone who will not disappoint when you need him most but what will qualify you is that irresistible nature. When you become irresistible, people and better opportunities will come your way.


Life is as a school and at each lecture you are exposed to knowledge. The more you study is the more you develop yourself. Assuming that you were an island, can you survive alone? Everyone learns better when we live together. It’s one thing to be in a relationship, it’s another thing to maintain it. All human have flaws, but it’s not all human that have self control over those flaws. This post will ensure that you remain irresistible in your love life.


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