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How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

How to your Grow your business: The Twin Art Institute. The Twin Art Institute is a multiple award winning school of the arts formerly called Twin Academy, a government approved, certificate issuing school. The Twin Art Institute’s model of raising entrepreneurs has yielded huge results

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90% of Twin Art Institute’s working class graduates feel that they have gained vital skills that strongly improve their on the job performance. How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

66% of Twin Art Institute students who are tertiary education graduates successfully start up their own ventures within 6 months of training at Twin Art Institute.

Twin Art Institute has received various local and international awards and was named one of Africa’s 50 most innovative startups in 2015 by the New York Forum Africa. Parts of the Twin Art Institute story have been featured on international media such as Forbes and the Cambridge University Website.

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Twin Art Institute is an equipped media school. The students have free internet access, fast Intel core i5 and i7 Apple and windows computers, great cameras, lighting, industry level gear such as the Ronin 3-axis brushless gimbal, cranes, drones and lot more. They have fully equipped voice and photo studios.

Every year, a mediacamp is set: a destination photography and film making experience that also doubles as a crash course- in picturesque locations. Check this Link<check

The Departments

All students at the Twin Art Institute are trained to be well rounded professionals with a wide body of knowledge. As such, students are required to take different courses, some of which do not seem immediately relevant to their preferred studies.

These includes institutional courses (such as Entrepreneurship and social media marketing), departmental courses and finally specialization courses that will help them hone their skills in a specific art.

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All semesters run for 3 months and graduation dates are fixed from the beginning of the semester. Classes begins at the beginning of a semester.

Courses in all departments are completed in 1 full semester except fashion design which takes 2 semesters. How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

90% attendance, completion of assignments and projects participation in practicals and field work, acceptable behavior are required for graduation.

Department of Media, Communication and Skills

This department introduces you to the intricacies of the media arts. Whether its handling a camera, editing video footage or telling great stories online.

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If you aspire to be a journalist, blogger, photographer, film maker, or video editor, this department will give you the solid foundation you need.

Specialization options includes photography, film making, electronic music production.

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Department of Interactive Multimedia and Design

Discover the amazing world of visual effects, product design, game design and mobile app design in this department. This department is concerned about post-production, computer aided graphics and user interface/user experience design.

Specialization options: User interface/User experience Design, Mobile App Design, Game Design, Visual Effects, 3D Animation.

f1642ef4 - How to grow your business: The Twin Art Instituteimp - How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

Department of Performing Arts

If you are interested in understanding beats, sequences and how to create and interpret musical notes, this department is for you. The department trains you to develop your innate skills of music, dance and drama.

There are also specialization courses on different type of dance, scriptwriting, acting and playing an array of musical instruments.

Specialization options: Music, Dance and Drama

Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Four out of five businesses fail within five years. How do you start and run businesses that will succeed? How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

In this department, students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and design thinking. This exposure grooms them to make sound business decisions and ensures the sustainability of whatever enterprises they pursue.

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Specialization options: Entrepreneurship Development, Digital Marketing, E-Business and Business Communication.

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Department of Fashion

Fashion is one of the most important age-long human needs. Its a profitable niche. Good tailors, makeup artistes, stylists and beauticians are always in high demand especially as the trend keep evolving and styles keep changing.

There are dynamic offerings that Carter for your fashion skill development skills from sewing wedding gowns for a Princess to preparing makeup for a Queen.

Check out the timetable of events for these various departments

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The Twin Art Institute Annual Conference

The Twin Art Institute annual conference is an entrepreneurship event that brings together leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders and policy makers to empower participants for free.

In 2017, Twin Art Institute, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria, brought about 1000 delegates to learn how they could grow their business. The speakers are Samson Abioye ( cofounder, Oluseun Onigbinde (CEO BudgIT), Victoria Ibiwoye ( Youth representative to the United Nations SDG-Education 2030 steering committee), Dr.(Mrs.) Onabulu (Senior Adviser on Food Security to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture), Mosunmola Umoru ( Senior Technical Adviser to the Hon. Minister for Agriculture), Pacqueens Irabor ( State Officer, Bank of industry), Prof. Olaniyan (Director, CESDEV) and the Twin Art Institute CEO, Olumide Adeleye.

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The 2018 edition featured over a thousand participants from various professions. The speakers were Sipasi Olalekan, Tope and Ibukun Mochiah, Tade Ayodele, Seun Sangolere, Steve Okeleji, Gbeminiyi Eboda( Harvest House Christian Centre) and and the Twin Art Institute CEO, Olumide Adeleye.

The programme was divided into three sessions-

Session one – starting small is great, staying small is not
Sub themes – I have an idea…what next?
How can I raise capital?
How can I access global opportunities, fellowships and funds for business growth?
How can I face discouragement?

Session two – Grow
Sub themes – Understanding your business model
Amplifying your business through media
Legal: company registration and taxation
The art of people: how to get people to follow you offline ( in real life)

Session three – Accelerate: move far, grow fast and build to last.

Starting with the first speaker

Sipasi Olalekan, raised in humble circumstances by a single mother in Ikorodu, began a small farming business after obtaining a loan from the National Youth Service Corps. Today, his work has attracted international attention. A 2017 Carrington Youth Fellow, he received three awards from the US consulate Lagos. He was invited to address several meetings of world leaders towards the G20 Summit in Germany in 2017.

In his own words at the 2018 edition of the Twin Art Institute Annual conference;

How to pass examinations without stress; practical study tips and last minutes reviews

You can become whatever you choose to be

To be successful in life is different from being successful in academics

You alone can stop yourself from growing

The world is looking for problem solvers

7 Principles that will hold you firm in this stage of life:

  1. Integrity – wait for opportunity to come, integrity is key.
  2. Passion – Talk, eat, sleep your passion. Let people know what you represent and stand for one think.

  3. Enthusiasm – key in whatever he believes in.

  4. Happy – Be happy, don’t be sad beyond measures. Stop limiting your potentials.

  5. Hope – don’t give up on yourself.

  6. Faith – in whatever you believe in. You can’t live in this world as an ordinary man.

  7. Love – love what you do.

Seun Sangoleye, founded Baby Grubz Nigeria because she wanted natural food for her own baby. Now, she provides food for her baby and thousands more. Thanks to tough bootstrapping skills. She have set up her factory and now makes food products that are approves by NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control). In the process, she has also received many prestigious and award from around the world including the Mandela Washington Fellowship. She was also a Finalist and Speaker at the Global Inclusion Awards in Sweden.

In her own words; she started by highlighting her experience from the little start to where she is today and also she noted;

Learn to grow in any business you find yourself

Partner with people that will help you grow

Steve Ikeleji, grew up with a passion for animals, especially fish. He studied Aquaculture and Fisheries and founded Fish Shoal Nigeria, in his second year at the university. Today, he has worked with project at the World Bank Nigeria’s Federal Government as well as DFID. He onced chaired the the Agriculture Committee of the Africa Youth Governance and the winner of many awards in the agriculture space.

In his own words; he talked about the Uneasy pain to bear, formative years, years of turbulent and years of stability. He also spoke;

The journey looks long but you just have to start

How do you stem the tides

  1. Confidence
  2. Arm yourself with knowledge

  3. Surround yourself with mentors

  4. Always be prepared for anything that arises

  5. Always think ahead. Be innovative.

  6. Don’t get loans with high interest rates. Don’t get loan as a starter.

  7. Plough back your profit.

  8. Delay gratification.

  9. Don’t buy what will not add value to you.

  10. Don’t keep bad friends.

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Tope and Ibukun Mochiah, are the founders of the Print Art ltd, a digital print firm. Tope’s background in Information Technology , coupled with Ibukun’s MBA make them the perfect startup team for such capital intensive business as printing. As a young couple, they have had to put all their skills to use, in addition to lots of consistency, discipline and hard work.

In their own words;

Cherish your relationships

Attend conferences

Expand your mind

Master your crowd

Tade Ayodele, runs a number of web-based businesses, such as Fruit SMS and Fruit Radio and has been earning passive income from them since his undergraduate days more than a decade ago. Tade continues to manage those passive businesses even though he has full time employment as a Polytechnic Lecturer.

In his own words;

Start a second business even if you have a salary job, that is any business that doesn’t require your full time presence.

Don’t quit your job before you start a business.

Don’t finish schooling before you start a business.

Your job keeps you busy until you discover your work, that is your purpose in life.

Gbeminiyi Eboda, left a banking job to follow what he knew was his purpose. He moved into his office when he could not afford a house to live. He has however defied the odds, stayed on that part and experience unprecedented growth.

3box21 - How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

He is the convener of the Move Your World Conference, which are teaching and inspirational series that have held in different part of Nigeria, South Africa, Dubai, United States and the United Kingdom. He is also the founder of Life Motivation International, a non-profit which empowers secondary schools with guidance and school supplies. Among the initiatives he has pioneered is the building of of a block of classrooms at Opo Aanu( An undeserved community in a remote part of Oyo state) as well as annual awards and recognition for teachers, students and other stakeholders in the education sector across Oyo state.

Gbeminiyi runs Eclessia Consulting, a faith based consulting organisation that grooms better leaders. He is the senior pastor of Harvest House Christian Centre.

In his own words; How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

Nothing is free not even in Freetown

To every successful person you meet, find what’s in their mind and not what’s in their hand.

Success is transferable, can be duplicated and have a cost.

Move far; cover much ground as possible, refuse to settle too soon. Never confuse progress for arrival. Those who arrive too soon, arrive too small.

To refuse to left behind

In life age mates are not always mates, so are classmates because they are not in the same class.

Continue to break existing records. Yesterday’s innovations are today’s gain. Your greatest achievement is the next one, not today.

What does it take to move far

Qualities of a beautiful and diligent virtuous woman

You must see far in other to go far. Your exposure is your greatness. Don’t be a local champion. Go to places. Vision always precedes motion. What do you see in your life, if you can see, you can cease it.

You must think far. There are no third world nations, only third world thinking. The real eyes are not the physical eyes but the eyes of the mind. Limitations exists in the mind.

You must leave yesterday’s people behind. People who are not going anywhere but wants to take others along. Their value have expired. Leave them. Success and failure is not genetic, it is a function of choice

How to grow fast

Success in life is making measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time.

If at 45, you expect people to come and feed you, its called baby-adult syndrome.

To grow fast means to grow proportionately. Everyone grows older but not everyone grows upward.

How to create your context

It is easy to succeed anywhere.

You can’t choose your brothers and sisters but you can choose your friends
Watch your friends.

Building to last

65% of businesses die within the first three years. A lot of businesses have died down.

A must build to last

A core purpose; your mission (what) and vision (how). Have a purpose set. Success is not about making money but making Merry.

Core value; the creed, the sacrosanct. Your out of bounds. Your will not, cannot and must not. Values create cultures. Businesses fails, not because they were outclassed by their competition but because of compromise of value.

Build structure; strength beyond the presence of an individual.

In conclusion; How to grow your business: The Twin Art Institute

Olumide A delete, the founder and CEO of Twin Art Institute, began his first business as an undergraduate about 14 years ago with N2000. That business was incredibly successful. After school and some training in India, he founded the organization that is know as the Twin Art Institute. But the part was not smooth anymore. Growing was much more difficult than starting.

Olumide Adeyele, is the host of the Twin Art Institute Annual Conference. He is a multiple international award-winning social entrepreneur and documentary film maker who has worked on media related projects for organizations including the Institute of Continuing Education of the University of Cambridge, and the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany. As an aKoma Amplify Fellow, he also worked on projects on General Electric and MasterCard. He co-hosts the Olumide and Moreno Adeleye Show on radio with his wife Moremi.

But in his own words;

My name is Olumide Adeleye. I’m the founder and CEO of Twin Art Institute. As you may have seen, it is a very different type of school.. Let me give you two examples:

At Twin Art Institute, we don’t hire regular staff teachers. Rather we have Subject Matter Experts who are practicing entrepreneurs in their respective industries and who therefore have practical understanding of what they teach.

For example, our electronic music production are taught by people who own their own music production outfits. Digital marketing is taught by actual Digital Marketers… As such our clases are interesting and pragmatic.

Twin Art Institute’s syllabuses, and structure are based on understudying similar schools in India, Germany and America. We have a great balance of theorys, practicals and field trips. As a results our classes are relatively fast (considering the amount of knowledge you can in a few weeks at Twin) and time is efficiently maximized.

To understand why we operate like this, let me share a bit of my story with you. Like most Nigerian youths, I was”JAMbed” into a course I had no passion for. If I had not acted quickly, I would probable be unemployed or unfulfilled as many are…

Graduating from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria, with a degree in Agriculture Economics, I knew that my life was finally about to begin. It was time to pay attention to the real me and begin my journey into the arts. This journey took me to India, to the IExcel program, among many others.

One of my most significant moments at the iExcel Institute for excellence in Worship Arts in India was been trained by Timothy Marthand, one of India’s best classical concert pianists. There, I learnt about beats, sequences, notes and how to create or interpret musical moods. This will later become one of my biggest assets as a documentary story teller.

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My exposure to professional photography also came at this time from top lifestyle photographer, Josh Komanapali, also on the iExcel program.

Meanwhile, I was also studying video post-production at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics.

I later returned to India to intern under Bollywood filmmaker, Satish Kumar.

Realising that the internet was the most important human discovery of relevance to my work, I decided to study the arts, science, technology, psychology and security of the internet. I trained in Networking, Windows Server and Linux. I also became a certified Information Security Expert and a Certified Ethical Hacker.

I was also quit familiar with the concept of digital marketing and online publicity at this stage.

On returning to Nigeria to start my business, I soon realise that starting a business is not good enough. Sustaining it was a different ball game.

Fortunately, I won MasterCard Foundation/Ashoka’s “Innovations for Youth Empowerment in Africa” award in South Africa. Getting to meet with professionals from top business schools and the business world, I discovered the value of mentoring and good business advice.

Later, I was selected to be part of a strategy team that developed solution for Siemens Shifting at DO school in Germany. Learning entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation in a team of some of Africa’s brightest young mind was phenomenal.

In 2016, I was selected to shoot the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (Germany’s biggest media event) with orange magazine/European Youth Press team which was made up of 18 of the most talented media professionals from all over the world. It was quit an experience! At the moment, I also shoot training videos for the Queen’s Young Leaders’ Programme, which is a legacy of Her Majesty the Quern of England.

Check the source…<Link> and sign up for one of their offers. You can’t afford to miss this. Connect with Twin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Great things happens here.

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