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How to move out on your own
How to move out on your own

Its recommended that you should be well prepared to take care of your needs before moving out of your parents home. You need to have a financial plan for your monthly expenses as well as make a budget that will cover all expenses.

Moving out is a major life change and it is very challenging. The process of moving out of your parent’s home is a very big deal.

You need to adequately plan to avoid any instance of returning back to your parent’s home.

You’re now a free person with no restrictions and curfews, totally independent. It takes a greater responsibility.

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Things you need before you move out

When I left my parents home, to somewhere very far from home. Life was simply difficult in my new apartment, in another state. I didn’t planned well, so I had to face the change badly and unprepared.

Items you will need:

Bed or mattress

Place to keep your clothes

Laundry basket

A chair or something to sit on

How to move out on your own
How to move out on your own


Lighting, whether the floor lamps, ceiling lights or table lamps

Table for writing or any internet business with your laptop

Fan or a heater

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Kitchen utensils: plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, knives, coffee maker, sauce pan, cookie sheets, cutting boards, cups and spoons.

For the bathrooms: towel, mat, toiletries, trash can, hand soap, toilet paper and toothbrush holder.

Electric iron and ironing board

Fire extinguisher

First aid

Cleaning agents: vacuum, dustbin, mob etc.

Extension cords

Tool box: nails, hammers, screwdrivers etc.

Trash can



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These are all what you need primarily, but if you want to go crazy on house decor, purchase what you want like television, refrigerator etc. Its recommended to cut your coat according to your size.

You should ask yourself some questions before you move out.

Do you have a Job? Get a job before you move out.

The moment you leave your parents house, you will be faced with the responsibility to pay bills, so you need to be financially responsible to succeed.

Save enough money before you move out. That’s why its recommended not to leave your parent’s home in a hurry.

Get to know the terms and conditions involved as an independent adult before you move out on your own.

Do you plan staying with someone or alone. In most cases, it is relatively cheaper to stay with someone. You both can pay the bills together.

What to do before moving out

Let’s dive into the various plans you should execute before moving out on your own, that is, things you need to do before moving out.

1. Get a budget

You will be surprised to discover that money flys away easily when you are independent.

When I newly left my Dad’s house, I was shocked at the extent to which my money was disappearing into the necessities of my life.

I knew that the money was spent wisely but it was going away as fast as possible.

It may seem costly at the beginning, but from your salary on monthly basis, you can apportion certain amount of money to buy some assets for your pleasure and profit.

How to move out on your own and be independent
How to move out on your own

While still at your parent’s house, get familiar with how they pay for the household items and other bills, this idea and know knowledge will help you to plan ahead.

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Sit down with pen and paper, draft out what you will need and the cost price. Check your present monthly income or how much you Will get from your new job.

Do you intend to rent furniture or pay student loan? Answer this question and other other relevant questions. This will help you to plan your budget.

Note that your Monthly income should be more than enough to comfortably take care of all expenses.

Another question, are you buying that house or renting it?

Purchase a house you can afford, but, if not, rent a comfortable apartment. The cost for renting a house should not be more than your monthly income, at least for a start.

If you wish to move out with someone, it should be someone you trust and a person that can bring his/her quota to pay the bills.

Buying or renting a house close to your work is recommended and convenient. You need to consider the distance to other relevant places and the cost of transportation.

Make a list of all what you need on daily basis while you plan your budget. When planning your budget consider items like “enjoyment money”.

Build a financial factory in case when the unexpected or unforeseen happens. Plan how much you would be saving per month, not forgetting that you need to have enough savings before moving out.

2. Location of interest

When choosing a place to stay, look at the crime rate in that street. How safe is that environment? Find out what is important to you and choose it wisely.

Do you wish to live near a sport arena? Or a market environment? Near where you can socialize? Or near your work place? Map out the location of your choice.

Go to the area and check out things for your self. Check for a pharmaceutical store, grocery store, gas station, restaurant etc.

Think about how comfortable that environment is, and what you you can do to be safe, you’ve to make that happen.

You also have to check how accessible is your location to public transportation, to make transport easier.

3. Communicate with your parents

Your parents were once in your shoes, so don’t be shy or afraid to talk to them about it. Ask them to help you with the budget planning and things you really don’t know.

Talk to your parents on issues such as regular visits, financial support and advice.

Some parents would like the idea of moving out to freedom and independence, but some parents would wish that you wait awhile, for them to work out everything for you. Whatever the plans and challenges, makes your intentions know to your parents.

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4. Get a realtor

This should not be difficult. You can sit in the comfort of your home and have him/her do all the house buying process

5. Get supplies

From bedding to toiletries and kitchen utensils. Everything you need can be found online, or from a retailer near your work place or home.

Make a thorough list of everything you need. Sure, your parents should give you some things.

Just be organized. Pack what you need from your parents house or purchase them.

6. Time to be independent

Pack your items, your friends can help or you rent moving truck to help you with that. Pack all essential and nonessential items.

If you are always having unnecessary clashes with your parents over the family “dos and don’t”, its time to move out.

Celebrate your independence with family members and friends.

Change your house address to reflect your new location, especially on your National identity card or work I.D.

If you do a lot of business with companies around, you need to officially inform them about your new location.

Welcome to the new world. Enjoy while it last. Staying alone can be exciting and nervous, but, get busy with your hobbies and try to familiarize with the neighbors, and ask questions about your new location.

Check out how this family moved out, this will encourage you.

Do you wish to spend all night at the club or hotel, no body will know or care. Stay carefully in your new house.

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How to move out on your own
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how to move out on your own
Its recommended that you should be well prepared to take care of your needs before moving out of your parents home. You need to have a financial plan for your monthly expenses as well as make a budget that will cover all expenses.
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