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How to work at home online and earn cash
How to work at home online and earn cash


A lot of people have left their day jobs due to reasons best known to them to work at home, either with a Smartphone, tablet, I-pad or a laptop.


Every online business they do is for the purpose of making money. There are a lot of works from home techniques that must be applied in other to effectively maximize the time spent at home doing nothing.


Certain persons find it difficult to work under a boss. Some people view the normal work schedules and the time frame of a day job as excuses to be indoors.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find a decent paying job. Anyway, try out this work at home online jobs. You are going to earn some money enough to pay your bills or save for a better life ahead.

Work from home

Working from home gives you the opportunity to do what you like and switching to this type of job is very easy with no stress and interview because you are your own boss.


In other to avoid the condition of being short on pocket money or cash, working at home online and earning some amount of dollars can make you to quit your day job. Yes!


I believe that there are hundreds of ways to make money, but in this article, we will be looking into some of the ways to work from home, be your own boss and make money.


Even if you are afraid of the future or you have a job, you can work at home part time. Some bloggers who earn decent pay from their blogs are not full time bloggers.

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It all depends on what you do, when and how you do it.


Whether you are a student, a nursing mother or a smart father, doing some extra legit work online can help put some cash into your pocket or in the bank.


How to work at home online and earn cash


If you are looking for something, not too difficult to handle and work on; where you can make extra cash, it’s here. Don’t worry about work from home job scams.


  1. Freelance writers


Writing is a helpful skill. Certain persons consider writing [anything] as a hobby. If you are skillful in writing, check You can be hired for a writing job.


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Sites like and also gives freelancing positions.


Depending on the total number of words, you can earn up to $1500. All you should do is to follow the terms and conditions of the contracted writing job and submit on time.


Many bloggers, websites owners and digital marketers hire freelance writer and content creators for a pay, to write a book or an online article for publication.


You can be employed as a ghost writer for a book, an EBook, a Paper presentation, a news article, project works, research project and blog posts.


Start at your convenience by taking any online course on freelance writing.


I stumbled into this site Airtasker and was surprised with their offers. Check in for any freelancing job, and it’s in varieties. I hope you’re not going to regret it.


  1. Blogging


Okay, this is real. Sites like, and have earned thousands of dollars for it owners.


To them, blogging is a full time job and their blogs are seen as assets.


It’s possible to make money from blogs or websites. With decent traffic and good conversion rate, you can earn up to $100,000 on monthly basis.


Becoming a successful blogger is no easy job. It requires commitment to work, patience, being online if not always and building an audience.


Bloggers make money via affiliate marketing, product sales, Google ads, other network ads and sponsored posts.


Pick a domain name and hosting package from any of these sites:


Speedyconnect, and


Get a comfortable niche or micro niche, e.g. food, fashion, lifestyle, relationship, politics, education, job employment and so on.


Write reviews on items you have used and post timely articles. This is one of the efficient ways to make money. Build more audience via email subscription and webinars.


As a blogger, you can earn anything between $1 and $100,000, depending on what you blog about and how you promote your blog posts online.


  1. Virtual Assistant job


You can volunteer to work for someone at home and get cash back as payment. This job description is all about making different plans, checking emails, managing data and calendar, internet research and project work. and give an opportunity to become a virtual assistant.

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If you can multitask yourself, this is a great online job. You can be hired by a company or different companies to perform duties from the comfort of your home.


Other sites to get started, if you are interested are and You can earn between $10 – $15 per hour or more depending on the agreement and conditions involved.


  1. Social Media Manager

In a bid to reach more customers, many companies have dive in social media advertising and marketing.


You can help these companies grow and develop their online presence by accepting to become their social media manager.


Some companies employed people to manage their social media presence, but you can do this job comfortable at home.


Just sell yourself., and are sites to get started.


The pay is fairly common, not bad though; between $10 and $100. Connect with any company you like by posting your resume.


  1. Online surveys

Most companies want to know the customer reactions to their products and find ways to improve on the existing products. To get that done, they pay people to survey or evaluate their products.


Online surveys can be in the form of questionnaire, opinions or answers to questions; but whatever the task, you get paid.


Online surveys involves carryout a task, which in some cases can be boring. You can earn a few hundreds of dollars per months via online surveys platform.


Surveys sites like swagbucks, survey junkie, inboxdolllars, vindale research and my points are good for a start. Each platform offers a signup bonus ranging from $1 to $10.


There is virtually no stress earning from surveys. What you should do is to follow the procedures of each survey and you’re good to go.


  1. Online Teacher

The demand for an online tutor is increasing on daily basis and if you are skillful in your profession of interest with very good technical-know-how, you can create an online presence or platform to teach people that know nothing or little.


You can make money from their ignorance about a subject matter.


Check out for any teaching job online. People, who don’t speak English, can be taught how to speak English. You can also teach other courses depending on the agreement.


Some courses pay higher than the other. Just stick to the terms and condition. Earning varies between $18 and $25, and can get up to $100 per month.

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You can also sell your teaching resources or lesson plan on to new teachers or people looking for more information.

How to work at home online and earn cash
work from home

Check out these sites; or market your tutoring services.


Create an online course and market it through or if you have a personal blog, you can share your course to your followers.


In conclusion, “How to work at home online and earn cash”, these work at home online and get cash methods will pay you pretty well with just your determination and smartness so work.


Create a blog, participate in an online survey, become a virtual assistant or social media manager, get busy teaching someone online or start a freelance writing job.


You can either work part time or full time and still earn reasonable amount of cash online.


Start today, start small and stay smart. You may need a device such as a Smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection.


Some people earn huge money by doing these online jobs, so you too can try out any. Check out this blog details on earning cash at home with an online job


There is love in sharing. How to work at home online and earn cash. Share and comment below.

How to work at home online and earn cash
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How to work at home online and earn cash
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a decent paying job. Anyway, try out this work at home online jobs. You are going to earn some money enough to pay your bills or save for a better life ahead.
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