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I vividly recalled how we met. On that fateful day, I was almost late for lectures, in my 100 level STAT101, in this prestigious university. I hurriedly left my hostel room for the lecture theater. It was 7:47AM, and it will take me 15 minutes to walk to the classroom.

Instead of walking, to avoid going late, I quickly rushed to the road to get any means of transporting myself to the lecture venue. The park was crowded with students like me, who were waiting for means of transportation.

Whenever a bus or taxi comes around, it was welcomed with rush from the students because no one wants to be left behind and no one wants to go late.

That day was special for my department because we were expecting a visiting lecturer that comes once in months. The information I got yesterday was that, the visiting lecturer was in town.

The Lecturer is a perfectionist and he hates when things are done hurriedly or with mistakes. He also dislikes lateness. Whenever a student is 5 minutes late to lectures, he will not allow such individual to enter the lecture hall.

We were over 100 in that park looking for taxi or bus to our various lecture venues. Any attempt I made to get a bus was to no avail.

While looking at my wrist watch and calculating how many minutes was left, I got a tap from behind, that is, someone touched me.

“Hey guy, you’ve got a call, look back” someone said

I reluctantly turn back to see a young pretty damsel waving at me from a distance with a smile, not far though.

I returned the smile not minding what was happening.

She confidently walked over to me, spread her hands and gave me a warm hug. I still remember her radiant smile and beautiful eyes.

“How are you?” I said

“I’m good” she replied

“I called several times but no response. Where did you keep your Smartphone?” she said

I smiled, searching my pockets to bring out the phone but to amazement, I recalled I left it at the hostel room while in a rush to leave.

“Ooops! I left it behind” I replied

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“Never mind anyway, I called Bob and he told me that you just left the room and possibly would be at the usual stressful school park”

Pointing to where the car was, she said;

“My Dad gave me a lift today, and he’s in the car waiting for you, let’s go”

I sighed in relieved.

We walked to the car and entered.

“Hello Mr. Benson, good morning” I said
‘what’s up little man” he replied

While he drove the car;

“Nothing much, but I’m kicking fine” I replied

“You’re looking good! How is your study?” he said

“Thank you, all is fine, except the usual school life stress” I replied

“Don’t worry, just relax, it’s a matter of time”.

After a five minute drive, we arrive in front of the lecture theater.

I remember that we had fun talking about our lives, future dreams, study, and school life. We exchange our phone numbers and did something I can’t remember.

I alighted from the car after saying a big thank you to Mr. Benson and Jane. I then rushed into the lecture hall, luckily enough; the 5 minute of grace has not elapsed.

Was that love at first sight?

After that experience, I felt an unusual feeling of love for Jane, but now love has gone sour.


Josh Martins

Love gone sour in dating

Love gone sour in dating

When Josh was done writing his experience about love, he folded the paper, wrote his contact email address behind it and gave it to Stephen Chadwick, a lecturer at the University of Polish, Stoney.

Stephen Chadwick is a well know Speaker in most conferences and in school campuses on Dating and relationship.

Jane and Josh had been in relationship and were dating for the past 16 months until when love went sour.

Jane had gotten a cool guy on campus as a new soul mate and the little poor Josh was torn apart and left to pick the pieces of his life having tried all means of bringing the former love back to statuesque.

Josh gave his entire whole into the relationship with Jane, and he never thought that a day like this could ever come. They had had a blissful love affair over the months until when Dixon walked into Jane’s life.

Jane neither picked Josh’s calls nor reply his text messages. Love was not as it uses to be, love had gone sour.

He decided to attend the love talk conference advert he saw downtown.

At the conference, Mary Chadwick spoke first, and she stressed the difference between love, lust and attraction. She also spoke on love at first sight and what should be done to keep going when an individual is in a relationship.

Stephen Chadwick also spoke on a fulfilling relationship and love life that will stand the test of time.

Several questions were asked and answered, but Josh preferred the one-on -one talk with Chadwick. So he wrote down his first love experience and gave it to him at the end of the love talk conference.

While the Speakers were about to leave,

Hello man.

Hello Mr. Chadwick.

Is this a questionnaire?

No, it’s a story about my life; I need your counsel on what to do next, please I would like your reply to be via mail, thank you.

Oh! OK! I will go through it and reply, stay cool boy.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

This was Chadwick’s reply in Josh inbox

Hello Josh
It’s painful that you are you are going through stress coping with the change of events in your love life.
I recommend that you have a relax mindset and take things gently.
You’ve been with Jane and I believe that you know her hobbies, likes and dislikes, and you can predict her mood or tell when she is in good mood or not.
Look for a convenient time, when you think that she would be less busy and happy, get a gift and visit her.
In a jovial mood, look for a way to win her heart back to you. You need a listening ear, confidence and an understanding heart to succeed in this approach.
I wish you the best. Note that, if she persists, let her go, you will see another better lady in this journey of life, take care.
Let me know if I can help.

After reading the mail, Josh thought of what next to do, close his laptop and went to bed.

The night was filled with dreams of restoring the lost love life. When it was dawn, Josh picked his pen and paper and brainstormed various methods to win Jane back.

He got off bed, prepared for the day, got dressed and went for his usual routine lectures. There was nothing special that day.

In the company of Bob and Lukeman, his friends, on their back home, Bob asked;

“I saw Jane and that son of bitch, Dixon, sitting at the love garden pavement; so what’s going on boy?”

‘I call tell” Josh reply

“You mean you don’t know that shit” Lukeman interrupted

“Man you’ve got to wake up, because she out for a fucking big game and may not return” Bob said

“Thinking of what to do, guys, because I’m on it” Josh concluded.

After a three minute walk, they came closer to where they will get a taxi to their hostel room, then all of a sudden, caught red handed was Dixon and Jane looking at each other smiling and then kiss.

The instant Josh and his colleagues saw that, he brought out the little paper containing his strategies and threw it away.

He then recalled the words of Stephen Chadwick in his mail inbox, “you will see another better lady in this journey of life, take care”.

“That was a trash” Josh said

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What Have I just done. The story of love gone sour

Do you have a similar experience to that of Josh or something somewhat better, feel free to drop your comments below, check the box and submit. Love gone sour in dating.

There is love in sharing, someone needs to read this.

Love gone sour in dating
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Love gone sour in dating
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