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medical benefits of bananas, mangoes, pawpaw and applesYou must have heard health quotes like; “go easy with soda drinks”, “avoid refined sugar” and so on. Health is wealth, so the importance of healthy eating cannot be overemphasized. “Medical benefits of bananas, mangoes, pawpaw and apples” has all info’s, lets get in.

Everything that passes down the throat, be it a solid, liquid or gas, will have a role to play in a person’s body. Make your food your drugs instead of making your drugs your meal.

Medical Benefits of Banana

medical benefits of bananas, apples, mangoes and pawpaw

Banana has a rare combination of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s a good source of energy with low water content.

It contains large amount of large assimilable sugar, making it a reliable source of quick energy. Bananas constitute almost a complete balance diet.

Menstrual disorders

Cooked banana flower eaten with curd is considered as an effective alternate medicine for painful menstruation and excessive bleeding. Progesterone increases in the body, thereby reducing the bleeding.


According to Dr. J. Montelvz of Brazil, South America, the juice of banana works miracles in the cure of tuberculosis. He claimed to have cured patients with advanced stage of tuberculosis in two months using this method.

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Banana stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood and it’s beneficial in the treatment of anemia. This is due to the high content of iron in banana.

Urinary bladder

The juice extracted from the stem of banana is a known remedy for urinary disorders. The functional efficiency of the kidneys is improved and all disease conditions are elevated away.

It cleans the excretory organs in the abdominal region of toxins and helps to eliminate them in form of urine.

It’s useful in the treatment of kidney stones, gall bladder and prostrate. It’s usually taken with the juice of ash pumpkin.


As claimed by Dr. Kirticar, mashed banana mix with little salt is an alternate method for treating dysentery in infected patients.


Bananas are suitable for overweight individuals as they contain practically no sodium.

Banana and skimmed milk is considered an effective remedy for weight issues.

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The daily intake is restricted to six bananas and four glasses of skimmed milk for a period of 10 – 15 days.

Green vegetables are thereafter introduced reducing the intake of banana from six to four.

Arthritis and Gout

The patient can be given eight to nine bananas daily for a period of three to four days in this condition and nothing else.

It is efficient in treating arthritis and gout.

Burns and Wounds

A plaster which is spread over burns and wounds and supported with a cloth bandage, can be prepare by beating a fine banana into a fine paste. It gives quick relief.

Kidney disorders

All kidneys disorders can be treated when the person eats 8 to 9 bananas a day for three to four days. Banana is low in protein and salt content but high in carbohydrate.

Constipation and Diarrhea

Banana usefulness in treating constipation and diarrhea is due to the richness of pectin, which is water-absorbent thereby making it possible for the large intestine to absorb large amount of water for proper bowl movement.

They also possess the ability to change harmful bacteria (bacilli) to beneficial bacteria (acidophilus bacilli) in the intestine.


Skin rashes or asthma, which is allergies to certain food, may be treated with banana fruit.

Unlike other protein food, banana contains only benign amino-acids which in most cases are not allergic, but in certain sensitive persons, allergy is experienced. In such a case the individual should avoid eating it.

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Intestinal disorder

The soft texture and blandness of banana makes it fit in combating intestinal disorders. It is the only raw fruit which can be eaten without distress in chronic ulcers cases.

It neutralizes the over acidity of the gastric juices. Ripe banana are highly beneficial in the treatment of ulcerated colitis. They promote the healing process.

In conclusion, Banana helps promote the retention of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, and a feeling of youthfulness.

Medical benefits of Mango

medical benefits of bananas, mangoes, pawpaw and apples

Mango which is called “the king of the Asiatic fruits, is the most popular fruits of the tropics and it’s indigenous to India.

It has been cultivated for over 4000 years. The fruit is widely grown almost everywhere. Both the ripe and unripe mango has it own peculiar medical benefit.

The unripe fruit is acidic, astringent and anti scorbutic. The ripe mango is laxative, anti scorbutic, diuretic, invigorating, fattening and astringent.

Raw mango is a vital source of vitamin B1, B2 and C. The main nutrient in mango is sugar. The acids contained in the fruits are tartaric acids and malice acid, with a trace of citric acid.

Natural Benefits of Mangoes


The concentration of vitamin A in mangoes prevents frequent attacks of common infections such as cold, rhinitis and sinusitis.


Half a teaspoonful of the extract of mango leaves should be taken twice a day, morning and evening to control early diabetes.

The leaves are soaked in water overnight and squeezed in the morning to extract the phytochemical.

Eye disorder

The vitamin A content of mangoes is beneficial in the treatment of eye blindness, in which one cannot see properly in dim light, dryness of eyes, softening of the cornea, refractive errors, itching and burning in the eyes.

Weight Problem

Mango-milk cure is used for lost of weight. The mango is taken first then followed by milk.

This can lead to the improvement of health. For a rapid gain of weight, about 4 to 5 liters of milk should be consumed with 3 – 4kg of mangoes.


Mango seeds are valuable in treating diarrhea. The seeds are collected, dried under shade, powdered, stored and use as medicine. It can be taken, one gram or one and half gram with or without honey.

Heat Stroke

Eating raw mango with salt quenches thirst and prevents Lost of minerals such as sodium, iron and chloride from the body.

Unripe mango juice cook in hot ashes with sugar is an effective remedy to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Throat disorder

The mango bark fruit is locally applied, and its effective in the treatment if diphtheria and throat disorders.

10ml of the fruit is mixed with 125ml of water.

Body disorder

Eating green mangoes daily with honey and pepper, cures biliousness and food putrefaction, as well as urticaria and jaundice. The acids in mangoes increase the secretion of bile and acts as intestinal antiseptic.

The vitamin C content of mangoes increases the body resistance against anemia, cholera and dysentery.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

One or two tender mangoes in which the seeds is not fully formed with salt and honey is beneficial in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, summer diarrhea, morning sickness, dysentery, piles, chronic dyspepsia, constupa and indigestion.

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Scorpion bites

The juice which oozes out at the time of plucking the fruit from the tree gives immediate relief from scorpion bite or sting of bee.

Female disorders

According to Dr. Aman “a teaspoonful of the fruit paste of the decorticated kernel of mango is applied inside the vagina to cure leucorrhoea, vaginitis and relaxed wall due to multiple pregnancies. It use half an hour before conjugal union gives a virgin feeling and act as a safe contraceptive.

Juices of fresh mango barks is also important during heavy bleeding menstruation, I.e. hemorrhagic leucorrhoea, mucus and pus discharge from the uterus.

Natural Curative Properties and Medical Benefits of Pawpaw

medical benefits of bananas, mangoes, pawpaw and apples

Pawpaw is regarded as a wholesome fruit. It is rich in carbohydrate and vitamin C. Its cylindrical or pear-shaped.

It has a dark green color that changes to yellow or orange as it ripens. It’s easily digested.

It has a delicate aroma and delicious flavor. It is of medicinal importance. It also aid in food digestion and valuable to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Pawpaw is eaten as breakfast and desert, and in fruit salads. Unripe fruit is eaten as vegetables.

They can be canned into syrup, and also used for making jams, ice cream flavorings, soft drinks, chewing gum, cosmetics, drugs, and in meat-tenderizing preparation.

Traditionally, pawpaw is used as a digestive aid, in treating throat disorders, spleen enlargement, skin disorder, cirrhosis of the liver, internal disorders and menstrual irregularities.

Throat disorders

Fresh juice of papaya mix with honey can be applied over inflamed tonsils for diphtheria and other throat disorder.

The result is amazing. It dissolves the membrane and prevents further infections.

Spleen Enlargement

The fruit should be skinned, cut into pieces and immersed into vinegar for a week. 20g of the preserved liquid should be taken with meals twice daily.

Spleen enlargement due to malaria can be treated with the peeled raw fruit, cumin and pepper once daily.

Skin disorder

Warts, pimples, swelling to pus formation horns and other skin disease are treated with the juice of pawpaw with beneficial results when applied over the surface.

Cirrhosis of the liver

A teaspoonful of the juice obtained by grinding the papaya seeds and mix with ten drops of fresh lime juice, which is taken once or twice daily for a month, is very effective in treating the cirrhosis of liver by alcoholism or malnutrition.

Internal disorders

Papaya seeds are rich in caricin, which is very effective for expelling roundworms. The ripe fruits correct bleeding piles, chronic diarrhea and habitual constipation when taken daily.

The juice of the seeds is also useful in dyspepsia and bleeding piles. The alkaloid carpaine found in the leaves has also the power to destroy or expel intestinal worms.

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A tablespoonful of the fresh juice and equal quantity of honey should be mix to three or four tablespoonfuls of hot water and taken as a dose by an adult.

This dose should be taken with 30-60ml of Castor oil mix in 250-375ml of Luke’s warm milk.

For children, half the dose is allowed. But for children below three years, a teaspoonful is sufficient.

Menstrual Irregularities

Unripe papaya helps in muscle contraction of the womb and also in case of cessation of menstruation in young unmarried girls due to cold.

Medical benefits of bananas, mangoes, pawpaw and apples; Eating Apples on Daily Basis Reduce the Risk of Childhood Asthma during Pregnancy

Health benefits fruits

As the saying goes “an apple s day keeps the doctor away.” A recent study published by Thorax online revealed that pregnant mothers who eat apples may protect their children from developing asthma later in life.

The researchers concluded that the children of mothers who eat apples have a significant reduced chance for the development of asthma and childhood wheezing later in life.

About 1,253 children who were evaluated showed no consistent associations between prenatal consumption of a range of healthful food and asthma.

The researchers who hailed from institutions in Netherland and Scotland were very meticulous in their study and concluded that children of mothers who ate apples during pregnancy were much less likely to exhibit symptoms of asthma.

This research suggest material Apple intake during pregnancy to prevent wheeze and asthma at age five years old.

The research was aimed at enlightening the public on the need for pregnant mothers to always eat apples.

According to American Lungs Association, “children suffer from hidden asthma undetected or undiagnosed.”

With the health statistics report published by the U.S national center for health statistics, in 2000, which States that nine million U.S children have been diagnosed with asthma in one point in their life.

Heal yourself with these five essential body minerals

Minerals work synergistically with vitamins to regulate hundreds of essential functions in the body.

Minerals came from the world around us. Our body can’t produce these essential nutrients, and we can only acquire them through a combination of supplement and food.

Soil erosion, chemical fertilizer and poor crop management have all contributed to the depletion of minerals in the soil, which directly translate into fewer nutrients in fruits, vegetables and grains, and indirectly to less nutritious meat and diary products as a result of mineral depleted agricultural feeds.

For example, one British study compared the data from 1940 to 2002, and found iron content in 15 types of meat has decreased by an average of 47%.

A healthy diet alone which is primarily organic, may not meet all your body’s nutritional needs, so you need to rely on supplements.


Chromium regulates the importance of insulin, an important hormone that regulates blood sugar, and plays a positive role in arterial plaque buildup glaucoma, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, hyperglycemia and obesity.

Those at risk are individuals with type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes)

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The deficiency symptoms include blood sugar fluctuation, glucose intolerance, high cholesterol and triglycerides.

Optimal Daily Allowance (ODA): 200 – 600mg


Calcium is the most abundant minerals in the body. Calcium is required for muscular functions, intracellular signaling, vascular constriction and vasodilation, nerve transmission and hormonal secretion.

99% of the body’s calcium is supply in stored in bones and teeth. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) varies from the newly born child to the elderly (71 years and above), that from 200mg to 1,200mg.

Calcium deficiency are osteopenia which if untreated can lead to osteoporosis; risk of bone fracture and rickets.

Those at risk of calcium deficiency symptoms are older individuals and malnourished children, post menopausal women, Amenorrheic women and the female athlete triad, vegetarians and individuals with lactose intolerance.


Iron is a cofactor in energy production. Iron plays an integral role in transporting oxygen and in creating a healthy immune system.

Cathy Carlson-Rink, ND of Langley, British Columbia, recommend a liquid supplement containing ferrous gluconate as an absorbable form of iron that doesn’t cause constipation.

Pregnant women, women with heavy menstrual periods and low-birth-weight infants are at risk of deficiency.

You can experience symptoms of iron deficiency long before you are considered anemic. Always consult your doctor.

Deficiency symptoms are impaired mental capacity, reduced immunity, difficulty maintaining body temperatures and slow cognitive and social development during childhood.

ODA: This varies depending on the individual need, 8mg for adult and 18mg for premenopausal women.


Magnesium supports muscles and nerve functions, a steady heartbeat and blood pressure, bone health immunity, energy production and protein synthesis.

According to recent study magnesium helps ward off type-2 diabetes, hypertension and elevated triglycerides.

Those at risk of deficiency are older adults taking certain diuretics, heavy drinkers, medication to treat cancer and antibiotics.

Deficiency symptoms include loss of appetite, muscle cramps and weakness, gastrointestinal (GI) upset, insomnia, kidney stones, heart problems and osteoporosis.

ODA: 400 to 600mg


Zinc help treat acne, athlete’s foot, burns, wounds, crohn’s disease, benign prostatic, hypertrophy, diaper rash, diabetes, male sexual problems, ulcers, mascular degeneration and osteoporosis.

Zinc picolinate appears to be best absorbed form of this mineral, say Burns.

Vegetarians and individuals with chronic GI absorption problems are at risk of deficiency.

Deficiency includes joint pain, acne, loss of sense of smell or taste, recurring infections, poor sexual development, irregularities in menstrual periods, stretch marks, slow growth, and white spots on fingernails.

ODA: 15 – 35mg. Apply to infected area as needed, Topical application.

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Medical benefits of bananas mangoes pawpaw and apples
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Medical benefits of bananas mangoes pawpaw and apples
You must have heard health quotes like; "go easy with soda drinks", "avoid refined sugar" and so on. Health is wealth, so the importance of healthy eating cannot be overemphasized. Everything that passes down the throat, be it a solid, liquid or gas, will have a role to play in a person's body.
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