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Qualities of a VIRTUOUS WOMAN

“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband…” Virtue is an essential ingredient required for a fun filled relationship. “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” (KJV). These Qualities of a virtuous woman will shock you.

The above statement has a question mark. This shows that they are few, when viewing the population of the world. Her price tag is higher than rubies; more costly ,than diamond. She is far worth than any precious stone. Above any imaginable gift.

Let’s discuss this topic under three subheadings;

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Such a woman, is well known in her Community and working place. Religious people recognizes her God-fearing attitudes. Her friends celebrates her. Her Husband honors her. Her Children are proud of her accomplishments.

What does it mean to be virtuous?

Virtue simply means having or showing high moral standard. ”To be full of virtue” means possessing and exhibiting all well know good and godly characteristics.

The Features of a virtues woman is displayed in her Love for her husband, children, neighbors, friends, School colleagues, Work associates and for the wider community.

A virtuous woman is not easily provoked to anger. Easily forgives. Smiles and laugh often. Does not gossip. She is not a talebearer. Compassionate. Trustworthy. A self controlled individual. Merciful. Not arrogance. loyal to her Husband. Piety. Hospitable. Cheerful. Does not quarrel or fight. Prayerful. Committed to work. Gentle.

Diligent in Business. She tolerate everyone. Discreet. Chaste. Doesn’t envy. Honest. Caring. meek. Wise. Faithful and committed to assignments. Humble. A woman of integrity. Responsible. Whosoever marries a virtuous woman will rarely see trouble.

I know you are thinking that such a woman does not exist on planet earth. Let me explain. The reason why you think that way is because you’ve not experience any of them. I had seen and felt virtues in women.

Let’s continue,

Now, please understand that, there is no doubt about the existence of these virtues in women, although, not in all women.

How to be a virtuous woman?

Acquiring virtue as a woman solely depends on how you were trained, formal and informal, and the choice of career, friends, relationship and lifestyle.

It also depends on your determination and self discipline. Are you still reading, let’s continue.

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Who is a virtuous woman?

A virtuous woman is a priceless woman. She can’t be sold or bought. Her nature is so unique and beautiful that you have no choice but to fall in love.

Her husband/boyfriend have great confidence in her. She is highly valuable and her commodity is also valuable.

She is very skillful and meticulous in duties. There is no iota of laziness in her. She works willingly with her hands, and diligently.

Qualities of a VIRTUOUS WOMAN

She’s not a diva or prima dorna.

She understands the duties of a wife and mother before getting married. She ensures that food is ready for everyone, at the right time.

She wakes up very early in the morning, when its still dark, before dawn, to prepare food for her family. She ensures that all is well fed.

A virtuous woman spends money wisely. She has a savings account in a bank and when its matured, she either invest it or buy something valuable, preferable an asset, not a liability.

A virtuous woman has a home based business. It can be anything. Some of them work out of home, some work from home. She does this to be independent or to support her family and the man in her life.

She is a learner. She learns everyday. She never stops learning and do not want to settle for less.

She gives cheerfully to the poor, the needy and visitors to her home. She dislikes seeing a hungry person suffer in hunger.

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A virtuous woman transfer godly wisdom and moral ethics to her children and friends.

She is a home maker, home builder, and the chair-lady of the house. She makes coverings for her bed and that of her family.

She offers faithful instructions to her husband and children. Such a woman, would like to see the best, in the man in her life. She encourages her man into excellence and riches.

A virtuous woman takes over the affairs of the home and fix things in order. You will never see her house in a scattered orientation, every items are properly managed and kept in the right position.

Such women are gifted. They are very skillful in any chosen career. Their potentials speaks louder than their words.

She is not worried about her family when it snows, because they are covered in warm apparel.

Her husband is respected where ever he goes, because everybody places her on high esteem.

She has a good sense of dignity and respect. Her conduct is not disgraceful or embarrassing. She always say “thank you” or “I’m sorry”.

Her husband and kids call her sweet names. The children raised by such women are just like their mother.

These children grows up to be responsible, wise and intelligent.

Virtuous women are not just religious, but God fearing. They are dedicated to the work of God.

She is a pleasant help-meet to her husband. She is trustworthy and does him good all the days of her life. Their marriage is a blessed one.

She is loving and caring. She serves her husband, children, friends, neighbors and admirers with a gentle and loving heart.

You will know her when you see her because, she is always concerned about your welfare. She is a selfless personnel.

A virtuous woman is an industrious woman. She is a career woman. Although, she works smartly, using all available opportunities to maximize profit, she does not get too involved at the expense of her responsibilities to her family.

Virtuous women have both inner and outer beauty. Her beauty is charming.

She knows how to manage time effectively. “Time waits for no man”, so therefore, she does the necessary activities at the right time, with the right person or people, at the right place, with the right mindset and attitude and with the right goods and services.

A virtuous woman is well dressed. She dresses decently on work days and not seductively, even to parties.

Virtuous women have a long patience over challenging circumstances, with faith and hope in upcoming miracles and betterment. They are optimistic that every problem have an expiry date.

A virtuous woman does not incubate wrongs done to her personality for a long time. She does not allow the sun to set when angry. When she is offended, she learns to forgive the offenders.

The conditions that moves other people don’t easily move them because they plan ahead and fix “check and balances” to oversea every future events.

Such a woman, don’t see the evil of the presesnt condition that others see, they see far and see good.

A virtuous woman has an understanding heart. She does not only hear, but also understands. She has good listening ears.

She weeps when others are weeping and laughs when others are laughing.

She is not a selfish woman. Other people’s welfare is her concern. She sees their well-being as her responsibility. Her immediate family comes first in the list of her kindness notebook.

Her friends, neighbors, work associates, admirers or fans praises her efforts.

This particular woman is not desperate for power or to be rich. She’s very humble. Her humility is captivating.

You will know when you see her.

She encourages and speaks to people in seminars, conferences and one-to-one talk. Her life experiences are topics of discussions that blesses the hearer.

Before my mother passed away in 2001, I learnt from her encouragements and lifestyles that “impatience will get me into trouble”, and “godliness and contentment is great gain”. She was a virtuous woman.

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Are you still thinking that such women does not exist?

Well, use the comment box below and suggest your opinions. I believe that you had had varying experiences with women. Lets go – Qualities of a virtuous woman.

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Qualities of a virtuous woman
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Qualities of a virtuous woman
The Features of a virtues woman is displayed in her Love for her husband, children, neighbors, friends, School colleagues, Work associates and for the wider community.
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