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10 Secrets of Successful Families

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A lot is going on in families today. Parents are confused. Misunderstanding has led to divorce that tore them apart.


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Between 1990 and 2015, divorce rate in the united States have doubled. Children are left in the care of a single Parent. Young people are left to face the challenges of life unguided and unaided.


The primary unit of the society, the family has been replaced by something else. We are looking at the 10 secrets that makes a family relationship to persevere and succeed.


Irrespective of the fact that many families have crashed untimely, there are still many more that are succeeding not minding the obstacles.

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  1. Communications

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Sometimes children open up when they are not sitting face with their parent. Why? Genuine communications take effect when the parent relate well with their children and share things like gifts, talk about their daily work, advice and do things together like house chores and watch movies.


But communications can be very challenging for teenagers.


Most teenagers consider themselves as adults and look down on their parents when what they want or need to hear is not forth coming.

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No matter a parent busy schedule, enough time should be created to communicate with kids and teenagers. Preferably during meal time or before going to bed.


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Your child needs to feel that his opinions are important. Don’t overreact, even if your child’s thinking is way off center.


  1. Values


Values include ethical standards. These are standard by which people choose to live.


People with matured minds can distinguished between right and wrong.


It’s hard for children to choose between right and wrong, especially when they don’t know what’s right or wrong.


If a child can learn how to respect his parents, do house chores and be responsible, he won’t be bored when chances to live alone arise.

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Members of a family should learn how to use words of affirmation as “please”, “thank you” showing concern for others should be a priority.


  1. Diligent


Learning to be industrious can benefit a person today and tomorrow because life is full of responsibilities.


You get a sense of pride and inner satisfaction when you reap the results of your hard work.


Life is simple. Your industrious nature will put you at an advantage over others, and you will enjoy it.


A person who is skillful at work will not stand or sit before common men but before kings and men of noble place.


A man who can’t offer for his family is a lazy fellow.

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Take time in learning to do things well and right. Faster and better. Improve on your profession. Grow in it. Develop better. In most cases, where possible, do more than what you are required. See the big picture. Go extra mile. Consider the blessedness of your work to the masses.


  1. Forgiveness

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To forgive means to let go an offence and any feeling of resentment it may have caused. Forgiveness look pass a person’s imperfections and see the person that he or she is trying to become.


Lack of forgiveness can put an unnecessary strain on a relationship. Resentment can hurt a person physically and emotionally.


Be quick to settle family matters. Avoid unnecessary quarrel or fight.


Instead of quickly reacting to an immediate wrong of a person, think about it and offer forgiveness. You may say “no one is perfect”, but perfection should be embraced.


Family members that live in forgiveness attitude lives happily.


  1. Discipline


This deals with correction of misbehavior, to teach and to guide. Without discipline a child will grow like a rudderless ship and will eventually go off course.

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A consistent discipline should be reasonable, while children should be commended when a good deed is accomplished, check and balances should be put in place; this is better done when the primary motive is love.


Parents also need to enforce discipline among themselves to upheld ethics and show the children the right way to follow.


Discipline in a family union is best cultivated when working with personal issues, anger, food, money, health and relationship.


  1. Attitude


Parents who set the examples need to live by what they teach. The common saying “do as I say and not as I do”, should be eschewed.

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Children and teenagers are more influenced by the attitude of their parents than their peers.


Children pay attention to everything their parent does even if the parents think they don’t.


Children should learn to obey their parents and do what’s good. Parent should listen to their children and not get them discouraged, including teenagers.


Hypocrisy should be eschewed.


Every family member should learn to apologize for their mistakes by saying “I’m sorry”. It will go a long way to fix things in place. It’s unadvised to cover a wrong doing or brag over irrelevant issues.


Examine your standards. What type of movies do you watch? Who are your friends? How do you treat your spouse and children? Are you thoughtful or selfish?


  1. Honesty


Trustworthy and honest people earn the confidence of their parents, spouse and children.


Nothing will shatter other people trust in you quicker than lies. You can earn more trust when you are open honest about your mistakes.

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Learning to be dependable can benefit a person.


A child who is responsible and does his house chores without his parent’s nagging will earn more trust and likewise a parent with an understanding heart will earn more trust from the children.


  1. Teamwork


Where there is teamwork, there is no selfishness. Husband and wife must work together and keep the children updated with news feed and commitments.


Minor issues can turn into major obstacles when the family members are not a team.

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  1. Respect


To respect means to appreciate value and prevent anything that will damage a marriage Union.


Without respect, communications can lead to criticisms, sarcasm and even contempt.


Respects bring happiness even by actions.


  1. Missions


Missions are more than just dreams and goals. This involves planning, flexibility and diligence. Reaching a mission can boost your confidence and increases your happiness.


You’ve got to be confident when setting up missions and areas to do or win; and you’ve got to be more confident when facing the day to-day activities.


People enjoy being around families with accomplished mission.


Lastly, these 10 secrets of successful families have upheld and will continue to promote excellence in families.


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