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There are a lot of reasons why people get involved in self medication – Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles One of the reason is the pleasure through the neurological release of dopamine.

People with underlying depression, anxiety, bipolar etc are more likely to self medicate than individuals without neurological chemical imbalance.

Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles
Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles

Depression, financial stressors, health issues, unknown fear, unforeseen events etc also increase the chances of self medication.

Consulting a doctor can be very expensive, so people prefer to purchase over the counter drugs.

Consulting a doctor can be time consuming and stressful, so people are too busy to go through the normal process.

Some are ashamed to disclose their real problems to the doctors.

Some people prefer to do what they want to do than to do what someone tells them to do. They prefer holistic remedies and decide to take control over their body.

Some individuals do experiment with substances and see which one works best for them, not minding the consequences of their actions. This action can be dangerous.

Some have tried the doctor’s advice and it did not work out well, so they take decisions by themselves. The feeling of hopelessness, when other options have not worked.

Pain, sleep disorder and psychological problems can induce the intake of substances.

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Psychiatrists do self medicate, why? Because they can.

Doctors and nurses do same because they know what’s up and the consequences of not doing it.


How self medication does affect a person’s health and life


Be a nutritional support, botanical or plant based, over the counter accessible or governmental controlled, all substances have effects in a person’s body system.

Medical practitioners went to school and learnt how to get a person heal. They study how the body responds to certain infections and the lasting effects.

The dangers are the same for anyone who suffers from the addiction of alcoholism, drug addiction, jail or death, lose of income, homelessness and estrangement from family. That is, it can be helpful or harmful.

Knowledge and communication is important, but it is really not advisable to self medicate and always professional to seek medical help and advice. It can be detrimental of beneficial.


Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles

What is self medication?


Self medication is an important health issue. Self medication is one of the most preferred modes of resorted by the patient.

Self medication can be practiced in the form of “self care”, and has been defined as the “taking of drugs or home remedies without consulting a doctor”.

It is a common practice in most developed and developing countries. It have it own advantages and disadvantages.

Improper self medication can result in an increase in drug resistant diseases, drug induced diseases and in wasteful expenditure.

Not everyone seek professional help to solve their problems. Some try coping with the symptoms while others go into the state of desiring to take in something to suppress the problem.


Forms of self medication


  1. Alcohol intake

When used regularly, it can lead to alcoholism and it is addictive. Many people take alcohol to feel good, to be more jovial, to alleviate anxiety and be more sociable. This is achieved in low doses.

But in high doses, it can be addictive and can cause a person to do things that will warrant legal con sequences.

Post trauma stress disorder (PTSD) and fear of the unknown can trigger the intake of alcohol.

  • Food


Eating is not a healthy way to treat depression. It is not also a means of avoiding a disease. An emotional eater who practices “emotional eating” and uses food to suppress emotional issues or negative emotions will get no permanent relief.

Certain people self medicate with food to suppress certain diseases.


  1. Hyperactivity substances and psycho stimulants


The feeling of euphoria can make people to abuse psycho stimulants. Mental illness can i9nduce it.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea and in most drinks. It is known for its ability to perk you up. Once that is done, your insulin level drops, leading to more depression.

Cocaine is highly addictive. It damages the body’s cardiovascular system. It can lead to death by causing heart failure.


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Codeine, heroin, morphine, methadone can worsen a depressed state of a person, leading to death and even cause a legal cause.

Cannabis or marijuana is the most abuse drug substance and will only worsen the problem.

The most widely self medicated substance are over-the-counter drugs used to treat common health issues. Self treatment is the treatment of oneself without a professional supervision to alleviate the health problem.

In conclusion, self medication or self treatment has consequences, which may be good or bad.

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Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles
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Self medication; dangers to healthy lifestyles
The most widely self medicated substance are over-the-counter drugs used to treat common health issues. Self treatment is the treatment of oneself without a professional supervision to alleviate the health problem. how dangerous is this?
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