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In life, there are thousands of questions requiring answers, ranging from issues about the workplace environment, school, family life, health, relationship and business. Providing solutions to these problems or answers to these questions is the yearning of most people.

Some people get stocked in problems and stay comfortable there, that shouldn’t be so. Today, we will dive into various methods or ways on how to give solutions to lie threatening problems.

Once there is a problem, there is a solution attached to it, and visible to those who care. Philosophically, in trying to solve a problem, you will have to dig deep, but there is a solution to every problem.


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Solutions to life threatening problems

There are certain problems when attempting to solve them will lead to another problem, but in the midst of it all, there is a solution.

Albert Einstein once made a statement; “You cannot solve a #problem with the same mind that created it”. #solveproblems #pentameloud Click To Tweet

That is, problems comes to put people into confusion, stress, restlessness and pain, and anyone who intends to offer the solution needs to adjust his mindset towards freedom and peace.

Life threatening problems are difficult conditions that needs urgent attention. They are situations that should be dealt with. They can be health problems, relationship issues, communal/societal problems, scientific phenomena, work hazards, business back-drop and so on.

Solving Personal problems

Dealing with personal problems is simple depending on the gravity of the problem; try reading books, may be “self help” books, get busy with your hobbies e.g. play a guitar, cooking, watching movies, adventures, speak to a counselor/mentor, make yourself happy, help others with what you have, encourage yourself, make long time and short time goals, go for a party, spend time with family and friends, go to recreation places, get spiritual help and so on.

Solving relationship and family problems

In any relationship, ego and lack of understanding can cause problems and to deal with that, you need to:
 Deal with ego
 Accept people the way they are
 Respect everyone
 Tolerate everybody easily
 Try not to boss around
 Look intelligent and beautiful
 Avoid snooping around
 Put yourself in other people’s shoes and see how it feels
 Be happy when they are happy and weep when they weep
 Don’t act quickly when angry, maintain composure
 Be a good listener
 Be trust worthy, honest and truthful
 Accept your faults
 Learn to say I’m sorry when wrong
 Be grateful always, say thank you

Problems in family can break the lives of the people and make things contrary. The reasons for family relationship problems are;
 The birth of a new member
 Child out of control
 Health problems
 Financial issues
 Lack of understanding of each other’s individual lifestyle, and so on.

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Is there a single solution to all human problems?

Hmmm! There is no one solution to all human problems. You need to find a good way out of the problem.

Fix Your Marriage

Some people may say that the single solution to all human problems is found in God, fine; but even if an individual honors God all the days of his/her life, it does not give permanent immunity from life problems.

Is death a permanent solution to problem?

With the right dose of the solution, every problem has an expiry date. It is a universal truth that death is not a permanent solution to life problems.

When a person takes himself out by committing suicide, more problems are created for the loved ones that may last forever.

Is sex a solution to problems?

Just like water and food, sex is obviously not. If the problem is about sex or sex related issue, a solution can be created around sex, but in general terms, sex is not a solution to most life problems.

Is war a solution to problems?

Problems are difficulties that should be dealt with, in case where terrorists are terrorizing the local people of a state, declaring war against the insurgents may help erase the problems.

In a situation where by the indigenous people are fighting themselves with lethal weapons, that civil war can be deadly. War is not a productive venture. It leads to the destruction of lives and property worth billions of dollars.

Let’s dive into the solution to life threatening problems. Some problems are caused as a result of other problems and most times the solutions are in front of you. Let’s dive into the solution techniques;

1. Understand the problem

Understand the nature of the problem; understand what need to be done. Define the problem in simple language. Identify the weight and length of the problem.

2. Have a systematic approach

Put information down with a pen and paper. Plan methods on how to solve the problem and form a good strategy, even if it seems impossible in most cases.

3. Trial and error
Try out different solution techniques and cut out the ones that did not work. It depends on the nature and gravity of the problems because certain trials and errors are dangerous.

4. Good brainstorm

Sit down tight, relax your mood, take a pen, give yourself time, think deep and write down every idea that comes into your mind; the good, the bad and the ugly. The solution is there.


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5. Ask someone

Ask someone that knows better and someone that knows nothing about it. Ask many people and gather their answers. Someone who knows nothing may give you the solution to the problems.

6. Gather lots of idea

Gather more data, more information, more gist, more news, listen to audios, go online and search on or any other search engines, read books, check the dictionary. Gather more knowledge. With that, the problems are hail solved. Find several different descriptions of the problems.

Solutions are real and can be seen and felt.

What other methods of providing solutions to problems that you know, drop your comment by clicking the box below. Solutions to life threatening problems.

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Solutions to life threatening problems
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Solutions to life threatening problems
In life, there are thousands of questions requiring answers, ranging from issues about the workplace environment, school, family life, health, relationship and business. Providing solutions to these problems or answers to these questions is the yearning of most people.
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