Steps to Becoming a leader

steps toward becoming a leader



The twentieth century saw more distressing moments than any other previous century including devastating wars, monstrous new weapons, countless natural disasters and fatal diseases. It was also a period that marked the most revolutionary of several spheres of influence including the political, economic and technological sectors. This massive development placed the world on a dire need of leadership. Leadership determines the course and management of events in every nation. In this post “Becoming a leader” we will look into what is leadership and how to be a good leader with the following points.


  • What is leadership?
  • What is ministry?
  • Two types of leadership
  • The making of a leader
  • The price of leadership
  • Leadership potentials


There are leadership potentials in every person. Despite this universal latent ability, very few have discovered this power of becoming a leader. As a result, our nation, societies and communities are suffering from an astounding leadership void. No individual or nation can advance above its leadership. Understanding the concept and principles of leadership is the key to outstanding leadership.


One of the missing ingredients in the present leadership philosophy is the misunderstanding of ministry. Ministry is an outlet of leadership and service. A platform for exercising leadership. To advance in your leadership pursuit, you ought to understand leadership and ministry.



What is leadership?


Leadership is the capacity to influence people into inspiration generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction and produced by purpose. This implies that, for there to be a good leadership, you need to discover the purpose.


Purpose is the reason for your existence, the original intent of your existence. You discover your purpose by understanding who you are and the burden in your heart. Purpose discovery and conviction gives birth to vision.


Vision is the conceptual image of your purpose. It is the mental picture of your future when you are convinced of a purpose, by reason of a burden in heart. You define with specificity your vision statement.


Understanding vision makes your purpose specific, and motivates you towards its fulfillment. The clearer your vision, the stronger your passion for it. It’s your passion that inspires you to make influence.Leadership is all about influence. It is setting the pace and trailing the blaze in your sphere of influence. This fulfillment is a product of purpose.There is“a leader” in every person. The understanding of who you are is the beginning of leadership. To become a leader of impact, you must understand the purpose.


What is ministry?


Ministry simply put, is a platform for rendering services that improves the well being of the people.Ministry is not a religious event only or a civil service office. It is the placement of a person to fulfill his purpose on earth. It’s your place of dominion. There are two types of ministry; pulpit ministry and market place ministry.


Pulpit ministry is a commissioning to fulfill a particular divine assignment. It is strictly one of the five fold ministry as unveiled by the bible.


Market place ministry is the ministry in the market place. It includes different spheres of influence like the media, entertainment, education, sports and economy. It’s your business or profession.


The ministry with wider spheres of influence is the market place ministry. The pursuit of ministry to gives birth to leadership.


Two types of leadership


Leadership can be characterized into natural and spiritual leadership. Natural leader is a natural man ordinarily influencing people. He is motivated by personal interest, ambitious and human dependent. The spiritual leader is a person who is influencing lives by the fulfilment of God’s purpose. He is motivated by God, visionary and totally God dependent.



The reason for leadership void in our communities is because the leaders have ignored humility and service in their spheres of influence. Leadership without love is an abuse of power, life and destiny.The world cannot save the world.Becoming a leader of influence involves a lot of qualities. Our communities are in dire need of both natural and spiritual leaders.



The making of a leader


To be a leader, the following comes into play;

  • Purpose driven
  • Passionate
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Curious and daring
  • Humble and teachable
  • Selfless
  • Sacrificial lifestyles


The price of leadership


Your impact in leadership is dependent on the price you can pay. Below are the various prices you can pay for impact leadership.


Personal sacrifice

You must prefer the need of others to yourself. Selfishness does not foster friendship but create a demarcation between two parties. Next to self, most leaders are concerned about their family and friends. Becoming a leader that the people will cherish, one has to do away with personal interest and sacrifice his time, wealth or any other thing for the betterment of everyone.



You must be willing to accept rejection when trying to get something done.It’s not everyone that will agree with you, it’s not everyone that will support your proposals and it’s not everyone that will follow your leading.



This is the greatest test of maturity or conviction of vision. Until your vision mocks you, it can’t make you. Every wise leader should be ready for criticism. It should not destroy the good work but it should make you stronger and better.


Mental and physical fatigue

You must labor diligently to fulfill your purpose, engage your brain, though it will sweat, but engage it, until it becomes the envy of your generation.



Discipline your sleep, pleasure, time, feeding and tongue. Avoiding all forms of excesses will go a long way in teaching your followers the right thing to do.


Leadership potentials


Great leaders are ordinary people doing extraordinary things because situations and circumstances have placed a demand on them. As a leader, you must accept responsibilities because the more you do the more you develop your potentials. These are the potentials you need to nurture and develop in order to become a leader of impact.

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  • Decision making skills
  • Self government
  • Ability to handle changing and contrary situations
  • Reliability
  • Ability to inspire confidence in your followers
  • Reading skills
  • Ability to mobilize people effectively and efficiently
  • Strong will
  • Approachable
  • Ability to inspire confidence in your followers



As a potential leader, these qualities are in you already. It will demand that you commit yourself to personal development. Your success story will starts the moment you begin adding value to people’s lives by teaching them how to be prosperous.


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