The Qualities of a Beautiful and Diligent Virtuous women



“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband” – the qualities of a beautiful and diligent virtuous woman


In the light of what is happening today, Virtue is an essential ingredient required for peaceful coexistence within a community. Virtue is an undisputed character a person possesses that make him/her friendly and loveable.


“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” – KJVB


The above quote ended with a question mark. This shows that they are few, when viewing the population of the world.


Her price tag is higher than rubies; more costly than diamond. She is far worth than any

Precious stone, above any imaginable gift.


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Such a woman is well known in her Community or working place. The society recognizes her lifestyles. Her friend celebrates her. Her Husband honors her. Her Children are proud of her accomplishments.


What does it mean to be virtuous?


Virtue simply means having or showing high moral standard.


”To be full of virtue” means possessing and exhibiting all well know good and godly characteristics. The Features of a virtuous woman is displayed in her Love for her husband, children, neighbors, friends, School colleagues, Work associates and for the wider community.


A virtuous woman is not easily provoked to anger. Easily forgives. Smiles and laugh often. Does not gossip. She is not a talebearer. Compassionate. Trustworthy. A self controlled believer in miracles and change. Merciful. Not being arrogance. Loyal to her husband. Piety. Hospitable. Cheerful. Does not quarrel or fight. Prayerful. Committed to any given assignment. Gentle.


Diligent in Business. She tolerate everyone. Discreet. Chaste. Doesn’t envy. Honest. Caring . meek. Wise. Faithful in every appointments. Humble. A woman of integrity. Responsible.


Whosoever marries a virtuous woman will rarely see trouble.


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A woman of virtue is a self controlled woman. Other people may think that she is stupid because her attitudes looks like “not of the world“, but real.


She is careful in her dealings with people. Not easily deceived. She takes advice from people but once her mind is established on an issue, you will hardly take her off track.


She takes good care of other children just like the way she treats her own children. She doesn’t discriminate or maltreats any person. Problems are viewed with an eye that “all is well”, even at the point of death. She is always optimistic. Although she speaks in tears, but her mind is made up.




Many woman were born virtuous, while many more women learn being virtuous as they grew up into adult stage. This is a rare lifestyle for most women, but if you see one, you can tell best because seeing believes.


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