The Thing That Has Affected My Life Positively



Every day is a plus to my life. I see new things, meet new friends, discover new ventures, create powerful ideas and live a carefree life.


Life has its own “ups and downs”, and my share on this has been updated with time. The “thick and thin” experiences I face on daily and weekly basis has enlightened my understanding on what actually exist in the school of life.


There were times in life that I suffered a severe financial lack, terribly sick and hospitalized, once I was involved in a car accident, failed a course during my undergraduate studies, falsely accused, lost contact with family and friends and bullied several times. But none of these incidents have affected or aided in reshaping my life’s existence.


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I once invested money into a business but lost the capital in the process, the capital evaporated into thin air. But; the only “thing” that has positively influenced, reshaped or affected my life is the habit of “Reading Books”. I had come in contact with Mathematicians, Philosophers, Chemists, Marketers, Great Leaders and Motivational Speakers through books.


My life had been tremendously restructured and patterned by the productive books I had read so far. Books on Business, Philosophy, Health, Science, Relationships and Religion have influenced my style of dressing, thinking, talking, seeing, believing and doing.

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Oh Yes! I am what I am by the books I had read.


Books are powerful tools in any academic research. They are essentially needed when ignorance is prevailing. We all get to a stage in life in which we need people around us. Challenges can be so tough that a person may commit suicide.


But if an individual can discipline oneself and read a book or more, that is, a book that can offer solution to a problem. I believe that things will be right, with the right application of the wisdom contained therein.


Books sometimes work like magic. The miracles it brings are sometimes unfathomable, but real.


To everyone, who is seeking for an independent life, financially, mentally, morally, academically, spiritually and socially, they should read the experiences of other people. How they passed through challenges and recorded their success.


Read books daily


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