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What men like most in life and in women
What men like most in life and in women

Most men are project driven. They are money driven and purpose oriented. This planet is filled with males everywhere, walking to and fro the earth. As the common saying goes, “its a man’s world”, but surprisingly men like women.

Becoming a man requires responsibility in every sphere of life. Men are nation builders, home creators, family heads, husbands, fathers, boyfriends, instructors and angels to someone special.

They learn from their experiences, although with different temperaments and approach to life’s existence.

Most men have ego, and this drives them crazy sometimes.

Males everywhere hates defeat. They compete among themselves over women and money or riches. It’s like who is the richest among us, or who has much assets. Most men would rather lose something to their disadvantage, than to accept defeat or be defeated.

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The secrets to a man’s heart is through his woman, the love of his life and what he likes the most, not even his hobbies.

When a great man is targeted for a fall, a woman or what he likes, is used. For some males, ladies are their weakness.

Many tough minded males and hardened criminals becomes gentle by the presence and power of a woman.

A man is not complete alone without a woman by his side.

Some men like to do things on their own without listening to any fellow.

Well this article will answer questions like, what do men like the most in life? and what do men like the most in a woman?

And these will be discussed under the following topics:

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Men and hobbies
Men and women, the right woman
What attracts a woman to a man, and
Other things men like doing.

Men’s interest magazines

Every man has a hobby. Such hobbies include: cooking, skiing, snowboarding, chess, rocketry, archery, tattooing, body building, rock sports, paintball, magic, cycling, mountain biking, reading, photography, martial arts, skateboarding, land scarping, sculpture stone, electronic music producing and writing.

Others interesting hobbies for men are: darts, sailing, canoeing, drawing, painting, digital designs, volunteering, poker, cards, musical instruments like guitar, piano etc, golfing, fishing, car racing, fashion, traveling, gardening, design, boxing, metal working, camping, Internet marketing and many more.

Men are driven by what they like. The choice of what to wear, eat, drink or what to do vary among males.

Finding the right woman

What men like most in life and in women
What men like most in life and in women

Its not good for a man to be alone. He needs a woman of understanding that can help and motivate him to achieve bigger goals in life.

A man’s closeness with a lady has gone beyond the usual vows, “for better for worst”, “for richer for poorer”, “in sickness and in health”, to something more intimate and real.

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Young fellows do always sit together looking and commenting on every lady that passes by the downtown street. But, what does the right woman look like in a man’s eyes and understanding?

Without looking at times, seasons and circumstances, part time, there is a single woman for a man. Do you believe this? Let’s continue.

Men like women

A cool gentleman may write down the lists of the attributes he wants to see in a woman, especially when he’s searching for Miss Right, but it’s not far from what we will discuss in this post.

The beauty in a young woman attracts men. As we all know that men are moved by what they see.

But beauty alone, does not define a woman’s attitude. This notion drives some men to dig deep in dating, in order to see more of the woman’s attitudes before getting Into any serious relationship or long time commitment.

The attributes responsible men look for in ladies are:

Love and understanding
Future plans
Listening ears
Ability to submit

What men like most in life and in women
What men like most in life and in women

All women are naturally beautiful but not all women possess the above qualities men want. Although, ladies can develop these essential relationship qualities over time, if determined.

Looking good is good business and I would recommend that you keep radiating goodness, but as a lady, being virtuous and irresistibly sexy will also be appreciated. You need to learn how to be irresistible in your love life, make it a duty.

Smile is a powerful weapon of attraction. Men likes women with good sense of humor and they are attracted to ladies that smiles often.

Ladies that often laugh uncontrollably with her friends in a charming manner have more friends and lovers than those with frown faces as if they are fighting a wrestle mania tournament.

A young damsel dressed with a nice make-up to match her skin color attracts all passerby. There are certain innocent looking ladies who don’t use make-ups but still look pretty.

Using make-up as a lady is not bad anyway, but the taste of it in men’s eye differs. Some men likes it when used in moderation, other men wants to see it overly-done. Whereas, a few men dislikes the use of make-up among ladies.

What attracts a man to a woman

Men don’t like ladies who are everywhere doing everything with everyone. They dislike games, but boys probably like them.

Men are funny, they prefer a woman who sits at home, read books, and take care of the home as against getting drunk with friends in parties on weekends.

All men are moved by the sense of touch and affection, especially when it’s warm and welcoming. Hugs and kisses makes a guy feel comfortable and relaxed.

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An intelligent man knows that he needs an intelligent woman in his life. A woman who can think and provide solutions to problems will attract more men who are willing to know her worth.

Men are caretakers of families and wants women who are home makers and ambitious.

When a woman respects and submits to her husband, she gains his favor. Men don’t like women that have difficulty submitting to them. Even if she’s a career woman and richer, they simply want to be the head.

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What men like most in life and in women

What attracts a woman to a man

1. Smile

Believe it or not, a man will appreciate a lady that smiles always. She is more attractive when she smiles than when she frowns.

2. Her body

A lady’s body can be very tempting when the viewer lacks self control.

The areas of attraction and concentration in a woman’s body are: hips, lips, cleavage-boobs, hair, butt, back, stomach and legs.

The boobs cleavage is one of the features that differentiate a woman from a man.

Some men like fat ladies and those with enlarged boobs and butts. Ladies like it when guys comments on their body shape.

Men have preference on what type of hair a woman has. I like long thick hairstyle. Some men enjoy seeing ladies play with their hair during a conversation.

Flat abdomen or stomach and nice back looks beautiful and sexy than irregular shaped stomach, back and hip.

Men are moved by what they see, so when the beauty queen passes, every eyes will go hunting for her.

3. Her kindness

This is one of the important qualities men look for in the women of choice. Is she hospitable? Can she take care of me? Questions like these bombard their hearts. Men are naturally attracted to ladies who are naturally and mutually kind.

Little kind gestures that shows care and helping hands speaks volumes to a man’s heart.

4. Her ambition

Most men are ambitious people and they like staying with people of the same mindset especially women.

When a lady shows off her intellectual ability, it attract guys.

A woman with brain can keep a man going than a woman with body.

Qualities of a virtuous women

Cooking skills
Talented in any skill e.g singing high notes
Manners to work

likes of men from women;

His Work

What men like most in women- lets check this out
What men like most in life and in women

One thing that men love the most is the work they do. Its as important as life itself. Through the work, assets are acquired and money is gained.

A man’s lifting is by his his natural potentials, not only by his skills.

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Waking up early in the morning for work and coming back home late in the evening is more valuable than discussing news or being a busybody in other people’s affairs.

Instead of staying ideal and avoiding the temptation to beg or steal, a guy can forfeit everything to go and get money legitimately.

Men appreciate their professional because through it they make a living.

His family

A man can risk losing some dollars at the work place just to stay at home with his family. His family is like a hiding place from the outside world’s stress and pain.

A responsible man can do anything even if it involves shooting someone, just to save his family member.

raising a family is very stressful and difficult, so is maintaining a family. The man takes the burden to carter for every family member, including close relatives, not minding the pain.

As the bread winner of the family, he ensures that every member of his family gets the best in life.

In conclusion, a man needs a woman, a family, a job or work to be complete and live a fulfilled life.

Men cherish their women, family and profession more than friends and pleasures of life.

Have you noticed other qualities that is not here, feel free to comment below.

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What men like most in life and in women
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Men like women
Most men are project driven. They are money driven and purpose oriented. This planet is filled with males everywhere, walking to and fro the earth. As the common saying goes, "its a man's world", but surprisingly men like women.
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