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What women like most in men the man of her dream
What women like most in men the man of her dream

Women think differently from men. They are mostly attracted to personality than the outlooks. As a woman, finding the right man is not an easy task. You will see a good guy, but he may not be the right person.

Every woman wants a Mr. Right to come into her life. Some woman go around playing with men and boys without seeing the right person, because their mindset is not resolute on it.

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Well, we will dissect this article into subheadings;

All men are the same
The ideal man to a woman
Where is Mr. Right
What turns a woman on
What women like doing
Qualities in men that attracts a woman

Mr. Right is there with you if only you will close your eyes to every other man and properly focus, open your eyes and you will see him. Is that magic? Let’s continue, What women like most in men the man of her dream.

All men are the same

The common saying, “all men are the same”, is not always true. Women that make statement like that have not experience a man that truly loves and understands her.

Part time, there is a single man for a single woman, and not multiple men for a woman.

The ideal man to a woman

What women like most in men the man of her dream
What women like most in men the man of her dream

Women are emotional. They speak in tears, and it takes a responsible man to stay with her and bring out the best in her, solving all odds.

Whenever a guy get close to a Lady, a lot of questions like, can I carry on a conversation with this guy? Do I feel fascinated to chat with him? Are we compatible? Does he understand me?

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Most times, ladies feel that they are empty and a man should fill the emptiness. Some woman see themselves as half beings, and that Mr. Right will fill it up to make them complete, but that’s not the truth.

Most ladies think that the whole world revolves around them, and this is noticed when too many guys want to date a Lady. Every guy gives her a gift and show her some kindness, just to win her heart.

Women are afraid of feeling less important to a man, they hates the thoughts of feeling used by a man, so to avoid that, they do everything within their limit to avoid the said Mr. Wrong.

Some ladies wants to be seen and regarded as equal to men and not inferior, though not with the intention to compete with men for dominance.

Fix Your Marriage

A lot of this girl-like-stuff have given birth to the idea of feminism. I’m speechless here.

Women like men that can be easily influenced, by her.

Whenever a girl sent a text message or call someone and the called missed the call, she expects an immediate response as soon as possible, and if he is not going to respond on time, he should give genuine reasons.

A woman wants to be with a man, whom she feels safe with, at all times. This cannot be negotiated or substituted for anything. I lost of my girlfriends because she complained that she wasn’t safe in my care. That was awful.

Where is Mr. Right?

Women loves men and certainly can’t live without them around. Here comes Mr. Right.

Women don’t need men who try to show how masculine, macho or powerful they are, they want men who would stay with them, with love and understanding.

A supportive man earns a woman’s respect. Women like men that are very supportive I.e men that are always available to support her in big or small ways.

A Lady likes a guy that can see her as a friend and not as a student, colleague, coworker or partner.

Women want men that are loyal – even when they start having children, job demands longer hours, illness, loss of property or a loved one and a change of environment.

What women like most in the man of her dream
What women like most in men the man of her dream

A woman will appreciate a man that says, “I love you”, and he adhere to his promise of love. She wants to see love in action and not in words alone.

Men who have one style of foreplay and sex can be very boring to a woman. A woman enjoys sex when its in different unpredictable styles. This turns her on.

Men needs to recognize and acknowledge a woman’s strength and honor her for everything she put into the relationship.

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Most woman appreciate when a man is humble. It won’t hurt when he says, “thank you”, or “I’m sorry”. They dislike men with unnecessary ego.

Women wants to hear how good they look. They want to hear that they are beautiful. It boost their confidence and makes them feel more loved.

What turns a woman on

“Last night was unbearable”, women wants to hear that they are good in bed, just like men.

“I will be there for you”, women likes when a man makes such statement and fulfill it. It create a warn feeling of love in her mindset.

“Yes, you’re fine”, even when the undesirable happens, women like to be reassured by their man that they are beautiful.

Its not enough to talk, she wants to see actions.

Most women feel extremely close to men that often share their struggles and vulnerable side with them.

As a man, getting a woman’s opinion on any idea can go a long way to show your confidence in her abilities.

A woman needs to be reassured that she’s beautiful, with or without make-up. Women like men who do acknowledge their beauty, irrespective of whether she’s dressed with make-ups or not.

Women always appreciate men who are truthful and honest. They like truthfulness and dislike men who habitually tell lies. Honesty is the key to determining the longevity of a relationship.

How was your day? Tell me about your day? Hope you enjoyed your day? Questions like these from a caring man makes a woman feel more relaxed and safe.

“I’m sorry for that”, after a frustrating day, a woman likes when a man looks into her eyes and say that.

“I saw that guy checking on you”. Ladies who hear this statement knows that you are not just jealous but you want to outsmart the other competitive guys.

Women like when a man ask questions like these; what can I do for you?, what do you need from me? Its not about telling her what she should do, but what you can do for her.

What women like doing?

What women like most in men the man of her dream
What women like most in men the man of her dream

Women’s hobbies are cooking, dancing, blogging, embroidery, floral arrangement, jewelry making, hiking, acting, calligraphy, knitting, drawing, painting, photography, singing, playing a musical instrument, pottery, puzzle, traveling, reading, writing and yoga.

A women would appreciate her man to join her in these hobbies and know what’s up, like, once in awhile.

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Qualities in men that attract women

Lets look into the qualities in men that attracts women;

1. Sense of humor

Can you make a woman laugh? Being funny ease tension and makes her feel comfortable. Women like men who are jovial and funny sometimes.

The serious look on a man’s face, can compel a woman to hide her day-to-day experience, i.e she would not open up to him.

2. Confidence

This is very important. Confidence has magnetizing effects on women. Through actions and body language, you can show a woman how confident you are.

Women don’t like men who are shy, with inferiority complex or men with low self esteem.

The first strategy to win a girl is confidence, and it can be developed over time.

3. Social position

Women are attracted to men in leadership or prominent positions. They also like famous people with high social status.

4. Wealth

A rich young fellow attract young and old ladies. A successful rich man becomes the center of attraction for many ladies.

Women like men who are successful. A woman will do anything within her limit to put her man in a successful pace.

Man’s responsibility of being a good provider makes his woman comfortable.

5. Looks and Intelligence

All women likes men that dressed properly well. The first thing that captures a lady’s eyes to a man’s dress code is his shoes. So, all men should look good because looking good is good business.

Women like men with smart senses and wise in taking and executing decisions.

6. Work for purpose

Women like men who give meaning to every life circumstance. They appreciate when a man gives meaning to his life, he knows what he wants, what he wants to be, even in 10 years time and how to get there.

Women value men who are ambitious and have a direction in life. They don’t like men who are lazy and follow every direction of the wind.

Qualities of a good men

Good listener
Healthy looks

A woman would like a man, that can encourage her to come her way, to encourage her and bring out the best in her, or give meaning to her life.

Smelling good sounds good to a woman. Use a deodorant and smell heavenly. Know which one is best for you.

Women love surprises especially from men. Can you cook for your woman? She’s going to love it.

A Lady will like her man to open up and talk about his feelings towards her, and also, about his life or anything worth sharing. She does not like, when her man Carry his pain alone or talks to another Lady.

What women like most in men the man of her dream

It’s time to comment, say something below. Check out these 20 qualities of a desirable man.

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What women like most in men
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What women like most in men the man of her dream
Every woman wants a Mr. Right to come into her life. Some woman go around playing with men and boys without seeing the right person, because their mindset is not resolute on it.
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