what your dates and months of births of birth says its lifestyles and events

What Your Month of Birth Says Its Lifestyles and events




One thing I noticed with a lot of people is that, there are no two people with the same mentality. Even with identical twins, they are different mentally, health wise and socially. What Your Month of Birth Says Its Lifestyles and events.


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Marriage counselors may advise an individual to marry a person with the same mind as oneself, but in reality, it’s rare to get a person who is a hundred percent glued to one’s mentality.


Different people displays different lifestyles and This is motivated by ones upbringing, friends and family, school, neighbors , religious beliefs, culture and traditions, and one’s philosophical beliefs.


But in reality a variety of people displays characters corresponding to their months of births. Here are a few of it. What Your Month of Birth Says Its Lifestyles and events.


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Straight minded and difficult to bend, extrovert and carefree. They’re sometime lazy, but not sluggish in duty. Complains a lot. Disciplined individuals. They are fond of looking down on others. They make a lot of mistakes. They are attracted to beautiful people and things. He sometimes complicates issues for himself. She is proud of her achievements. Self-centered. Good looking and attractive. A few of them prefers the good old lifestyles. Cheerful. Courageous. They get into a relationship with a person who is diligent in assignment, caring and disciplined. They sometimes suffer from past hurts; self pity is a weakness. Philanthropic in nature.



Strong individuals with a robust view in the dawn of events. They try a lot of things. Pessimism is a problem for most of them. They prefer to be independent. Lives like a prince or princess. He does anything within his limit to succeed and survive. She is jealous at other people’s prosperity. They are good in constructive and destructive criticism. They are sometimes not good in making friends. She appreciates every wise counsel. They get into a relationship when the profits in it are seen. Easily enticed. Good in taking decision. Always afraid of losing a loved one. Frequently fantasizing. Past hurtful feelings doesn’t vanish away from their minds easily. Self pity is a weakness. They are hospitable.



Wonderful set of individuals. Highly gifted and talented. They are motivated by other people’s success. They are sometimes difficult to bend. Loquacious. He is open-minded. Dutiful and diligent in work. Gossips frequently. When annoyed, she prefers to be quiet or weeps. They are straight to the point when confessing an event. She frequently tell lies. Self-centered attitude. They hold onto their beliefs and convictions without shaking. Stupidity is a weakness here. They are friendly. Often generous. Often sociable. Religious. Envious. Anxious. Hard working. Relationship is a priority when stress needs to be eased. Beautiful life with self built complications. Their lovers are fond of complaining.


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Eloquent and charming faces. Diligent in work. Extremely introverted at younger age. Past hurts and experiences are not easily extinguished. Easily forgives, but doesn’t forget easily. Peacemakers. A few of them are World changers. Their lives are pattern by their beliefs. They finds it hard to adapt to a new environment. Thinks a lot. She make friends with trusted people. He’s sober. Meticulous individuals. Whenever he/she falls in love with someone, they publicly act as siblings or new lovers. Anger and envy is their weakness. They are sometimes stupid. Generous in character. They tolerate easily. Great thinkers.

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Individuals with a bright sense of living. They think too much even at little matters. They learn by experience. They are easily carried away. Rarely trust other people. He believed in the brightness of his dreams. Diligent in assignment. He’s proud of his achievements. Arrogant. Self-centered. They break rules and regulations with easy. She does things, in her own way. Often funny. They are straight to the point in analyzing issues. Charismatic. Beautiful. He lacks the intuition to plan great. Sober individuals. Gifted hands. Pious. They write history in bold letters with their deeds. Destiny helpers. World reformers. Faithful.





Individuals who travels far to satisfy a need or a person. Pretty faces. They are not easily moved by circumstances. Selfish. They believe in the fulfillment and brightness of their dreams. Serious minded. Hard working. They get into a relationship when enticed. Shy. Stupid. Peacemakers. Simple living. Often funny. Jovial. Argue a lot. Her lifestyles attracts people. Distant learners. Pride is a weakness. They think that getting into a relationship is as good as enjoying life.



Great thinkers. World changers. Simple life with self complicated issues. Wise. Beautiful. Brave. Smart. They complain a lot. He cherishes a good person or thing at first sight. They Trust people with easy, but breaks a trust when their heart is broken. They believe all things are possible, but are faced with fear and doubts. Creative minds. Their main problem is anger and sluggishness. Always worried. They are fashionable in dressing and lifestyle. He’s good in emulating others. He pays allegiance to a role model or a mentor. They take things serious. Pessimistic in character. Religious. His/her lovers do appreciate his/her personality. Jovial. Past events are frequently visited. She prefers working in a place where everything going on there, is simple.


What Your Month of Birth Says Its Lifestyles and events

The thing that have affected me positively, socially and mentally



Individuals with a good sense of humor. Beautiful. Always fashionable and gorgeous. They live a simple Life. Sometimes, they ignore advice. Pious. He wants to do things his own way. She stays away from trouble, but confronts it when it arises. Complains a lot. Thinks a lot. They compare themselves with others. They are sometimes difficult to bend. Generous.



Individuals who are peculiar. Friendly. Terrific. Adorable and attractive. Optimistic. They sometimes look down on their capabilities. They often compare self with others. Diligent. Self-centered. Religious. They forgive but not easily. Gossips often. Jovial a times. Pride is a weakness. Envious. They don’t like public show of their achievements. They gets engaged in a relationship with like-minded friends. Sober. Fun seekers. Diligent. They rarely take the first step in almost everything. Sympathizers.


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Brave individuals. People with a strong determination to make a difference wherever they go. Strict and well mannered in behavior. Discipline. Wise. Hard working individuals. Intelligent. They are always proud of their achievements. Charming. Everyone wants to make him/her a friend. Charismatic. They break laws that doesn’t suit them. Thinks a lot. Easily provoked. Compassionate. Highly competitive in any profession. Organized lifestyles. Fashionable behavioral attitudes. Imitative. Live like princes/princess. Their relationship carries a new thing.


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These are individuals with humble beginning. They carry in the world changing power. Charming. Influential. Fearless. Courageous. Persons with good sense of humor. Merciful. Generous. They hate publicity on their success story, but do give in to that temptation. Gentle. Forgives, but still remembers. Often anxious. They are often afraid of the unknown. They take risk, but with caution. Their habits are characterized by Optimism. They are hard to bend. She accepts only helpful reports. They fall in love, because they like it. They live a simple life, and with time, things get luxurious.



Individuals with a great desire to live a comfortable and influential life. They hide behind their fears. They are energized by the work of another person. Experience is a good teacher. They frequently visit the past. Pride and anger is a problem in their lifestyle. Lose their friends easily. Sociable. Jovial. Their lover feels on top of the world. Fun seekers. Festive individuals. Loquacious. Self-centered. Parochial thoughts. They copy other people’s lifestyle. Relationship is a priority. They sometimes live in the dream world.


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One thing I noticed with a lot of people is that, there are no two people with the same mentality. Even with identical twins, they are different mentally, health wise and socially. What your month of birth says and its lifestyles.
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